I’m sure everyone has heard this title phrase before, especially when remarked as a pun about someone who obviously continues to do stupid stuff. This statement, however, has a present-day resonance since today we have a political class of individuals in leadership within our nation’s capital who are governing our lives solely to maintain a personal premise of political power. And in doing so continue to make inherently stupid decisions.

Now before I continue to lay blame here, every one of us in this nation has to take an account of our part in this, since we are the ones who have elected these individuals. And willingly continue to allow them to exert a process that clearly is hypocritical and without consideration for the well-being or betterment of this nation. First, we need to get back to this issue of stupidity. It’s amazing the things people do that are outside of any historical or biblical facts rendered for reference to mankind’s past mistakes. Clearly seen in the choices that not only affect themselves but everyone else. Surely you must know that to act stupidly is just doing whatever is contrary to known instruction and knowledge for correction. Which throughout history has been defined by memorial relics brought forth to hopefully remind us of our faults to correct any future associated actions? Proverbs 12:1 Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is stupid.

Look societies past mistakes can be fixed with a little education of historical truth, but stupid, well that’s another problem and one that for some reason is consciously being promoted to be seen as a natural thing to do in spite of any past societal experiences. So why would anyone want to act stupid in the first place, most especially since it makes them look hypocritical and out of character to any right-mannered decisions that uphold our continued existence? The real issue here is not their stupid activity, although that in itself is dangerous enough, it’s the reason why any of them whether they be democrat, republican, white, black, Asian, Native American, or whoever, choose to do it, that is the more dangerous aspect of what’s at work here.

Let me try and bring a little clarity to this; You have a portion of society that has been trained to take a stance in life for liberalism being raised up to have a regenerate ideology, one that is purposed on societal reform. Something that has never been successful throughout the history of man, and yet they are trained to see it as the only right thing to do. They diligently stand in defense of it even in the face of bringing demise to themselves and others. This is socialism edited by a so-called higher level of intelligence, as these same individuals see themselves as the intellectual elite, the higher class, or as they like to say the only correct individuals on the planet. Even though they are fewer in number with respect to any relevant balance of the population in this nation, they are the ones who for now are allowed to have a position of influence upon our society.

This is something that unfortunately reveals to what depth the ignorance and stupidity exist in the rest of us in this nation. We have allowed these people to manipulate through several influential positions the first being our educational system where they enforce their beliefs by indoctrination of our children. And by the use of certain narratives force them to adopt an ideology that creates a disdainful manner of thinking toward this nation and anyone who might impose a different view. This isn’t something new it has been going on for over 50 years or more, as they have slowly removed historical facts and biblical truths replacing them with narratives of ridicule and condescending intent purposed to resend any other manner of rightly structured thinking.

The danger that exists is that these individuals while imposing a liberal ideology upon themselves and others, take no responsibility for their actions and valiantly vilify abstinence of truth resulting in individuals who have a mindedness that carries no ill or remorse over what they do. The most contentious part of this is that many of these individuals declare themselves to be Christians, and attend the services of some local Church or organized denominational group. While it is good news that God is not removed from their life completely, it, unfortunately, reveals their hypocritical posture, a posture that is uncharacteristic to anything Christ would ever do. Romans 13:1-2 (GW) Every person should obey the government in power. No government would exist if it hadn’t been established by God. The governments which exist have been put in place by God. Therefore, whoever resists the government opposes what God has established. Those who resist will bring punishment on themselves.

Thus the second aspect of their influence is also a redirect of any responsibility, non-compliance to laws and government regulations without accountability either. This is not something that any God-conscious person would rally behind, simply because this nation has laws and processes that are to be upheld and enforced, even if they are not as they want them to be. God who is far more concerned about our well-being than we are, would not dismiss any existing laws, whether His own or humanity’s, to solely enforce lawlessness.

So let’s get to the crux of it, the common definition of liberalism states that this is a POLITICAL philosophy that indemnifies the purpose for such a hypocritical class of individuals. It also reveals politics is the platform by which any prowess of power by these individuals is going to be acquired. But the political system of this nation was never designed to enforce such a posture, instead, it was founded on giving equal rights to all parties campaigning for elected positions within a governmental structure that deems NONE are better than any other.

Today we have a left-leaning ruling political class of liberals imposing their ideology upon the sensual network of this nation, and we by our continued allowance of such an influence affect the overall well-being of our families. both present and future. Therefore it begs that this question be imposed here: JUST HOW STUPID ARE WE ANYWAY?

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