Pretty Is – Is Not Pretty Does!

Ever receive a gift for Christmas or a birthday and it was all wrapped up in some pretty paper and had a nice little bow stuck on it, and you didn’t want to unwrap it cause it looked so good, but eventually, you did because you really wanted to see what was inside all that prettiness. And yet once the gift was revealed you wished you had just left it wrapped up since the thing inside was nothing like what you wanted or expected. This is the way the enemy does, he presents evil in a package that looks good, all pretty and nice in appearance, making you feel like if the wrapper says anything it says what is inside will be great, this is called deception.

However we know that appearances can be deceiving, just think about the Amazonian tree frog for a moment they have all those brilliant colors and stripes, they look so beautiful, and yet they are deadly. So what about this evil that the enemy is working to achieve in the earth? Well first off you have to believe that there really is such an enemy, an enemy whose self-purpose is to kill you, and that this enemy doesn’t care in what way he accomplishes it. Who is this enemy? The devil, satan, diablo, or maybe you know him as Beelzebub, devourer, destroyer, antichrist, the great dragon, and even as a fallen angel as scripture reveals. But no matter what name you call him he is your greatest enemy, and he is using every deceptive tactic he can to accomplish his goal, your destruction.

Now my purpose for this post is not to bring you up to speed on who it is that’s behind many things appearing right now, but on what he is doing and how there are those who allow him to use them to achieve it. So before we get too far along here I must make this statement, not everyone is going to be conscious of being under the enemy’s influence, especially if they have no knowledge of what evil is or looks like. Take religion it relies upon some manner of so-called works to obtain a righteous status with God, and yet it cannot accomplish something that requires a supernatural working of the Spirit of God to fulfill. And yet this issue of righteousness has been at the core of how the Church has revealed itself over the centuries, while at times appearing to be a righteous place, at other times it reveals an evil perspective in its religiously empowered divisions. If there are churches and people in the division to each other as a result of any deceptive messages from the pulpits, then you must know that any messages of the same from the media, politicians, and any individual, will also have an effect on the people and this nation.

Alright let’s talk about an issue, it is this nation of the United States that is made up of various immigrant classes all vying for a piece of the American dream, and how it is purposely being transformed into a political platform for a religiously mannered evil. I know you think I just called all politicians evil, but I am not, what I am saying is that the existing political parties are being used by the enemy to bring about the destruction of this nation. Whether you love this country or hate it, as a result of you being here you are going to be affected by whatever takes place in it. Our political system was designed to give the people of this nation a voice that through their voting decisions would be heard, and all issues that were important to them would be dealt with by those who benefitted from the process.

Today our system of votes, while basically still in place, is, unfortunately, producing individuals that have no ability to rightly fulfill their political stature, simply due to influences of the enemy, this can be seen in the manner of how they promote themselves to obtain the positions, then act in contrary ways once elected, again deception. The enemy does not care who he uses to accomplish his mission, so this is not about any person having to be evil to do this, it is about people having no real consciousness of evil, thus they go merrily along doing what the enemy wants. This is why there is such a void in several areas of our society such as political, economics, racial, social status, and so on, as you have those who see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil, all are unconscious of its true purpose.

There’s a status of hate between left & right, between democrat & republican, liberal & conservative, all down the lines of division in this nation you see where what may be seen as good by some is in conflict with those who see it as bad, and vice versa. And when bad things are being opposed by those who understand what evil looks like and how it can damage the moral thread that binds a nation, those unconscious of it take a stand to defend it. The fact is that the people of this nation regardless of race, ethnicity, social background, or even the political classes are not the real enemy here, that spot belongs to the devil, but they are all being used by him to establish lines of conflict that if not removed will allow his accomplishing exactly what he wants. A NATION VOID OF ANY CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOOD AND EVIL!.

Revelation 12:9 (KJV) 9  And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Look the enemy is going to get his due at a certain time in the future as illustrated here, but in the meantime should we as a nation allow him to destroy our hopes and dreams for ourselves and our families future? The only way we can fight him is with truth from the one place that originally revealed him to us, The Bible, the Word of God, has over two-thirds of it committed to revealing his tactics and mannerisms. If we don’t know anything about him then we don’t know anything about what he is doing, therefore we go through our lifetime affected by wrong ideas, wrong actions, wrong attitudes, never really knowing what it is like being on the right side of anything, especially when it comes to good vs evil.

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