Franklin Graham in rare rebuke at Trump’s ‘disgraceful’ separation of families as US-Mexico border | Christian News on Christian Today – Fake News?

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Franklin Graham has issued a rare rebuke of Donald Trump’s administration, slamming a policy that separates children from their parents at the US-Mexico border as ‘disgraceful’.

Franklin Graham

Source: Franklin Graham in rare rebuke at Trump’s ‘disgraceful’ separation of families as US-Mexico border | Christian News on Christian Today

You know I wish the day would come soon when we’re no longer daily bombarded with critically bias narratives generated by those who are clandestine enemies to the work of God. Take this headline from the Christian Today post, for example, if you read it at face value there’s no reason you would think anything other than Rev. Graham did what it says, rebuked President Trump for having such a disgraceful policy. And yet if you watch the interview you see it’s clearly not what happened in that discussion with Laurie Goodstein of CBN.

While it is true Rev. Graham did criticize the policy He laid blame where it belonged, on the shoulders of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, the ones who really have a fault in this issue. And though President Trump’s administration is enforcing it at a rate far more aggressively than those in the past the cause of its continuance is their poor enforcement of present immigration laws. Something that has gone on for well over 30 years because it gives politicians a right to bilk the argument over and over again in order to gain favor at election time by sliding that only they will be fair in making immigration policies.

The Christian Today news staff could have easily presented Rev. Graham’s statement just as he said it, but apparently, it was in their eyes to distilled or too lacking of the thing they were after. Which undoubtedly was someone of spiritual stature who supports our President speaking out against him and the policies of his administration. That did not exist, so out of their own hate for Mr. Trump, they spice it up a bit so to say with a narrative that doesn’t exist either, but makes it appear that’s what Rev. Graham did.

In the article it reads – Catholic bishops began their annual spring assembly with a more outright rebuke at Trump’s immigration policies. ‘The latest developments are consistent with the sort of cardiosclerosis that has begun in our country, and it concerns across-the-board life issues,’ said Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey. – No one from the order of pedophilia has any ground to stand on when it comes to a rebuke of policies that involve children. As they have sat in their fancied robes for decades and said nothing about molestation’s occurring in choir portals or offices of Priest. With that statement sorted into this subject, the headline for this article should be – Catholic Priest Traveling to Border to help children???

If you want to write an article concerning immigration policies you should be truthful and reveal its overture from every angle not just look for any justifiable video, picture or statement you can turn into spite to exhort your own hate of what the American people wanted. This media creation of false narratives for doling us along solely to promote an emotional hail of agreement is today a common mainstay in both secular and religious tabloids.

I wrote a past blog about how its time for another Babel due to the media’s one-course narratives of – let’s all speak one voice to make them believe what we want no matter if any truth exists within – maybe I should bring that back to the front page again. I think you can see I’ve got very little tolerance for those who are out to fill any media, ministerial or political agenda using lies, false narratives, and derivatives of deceit upon the public masses. It is an evil intention that’s purposely done and cannot be excused no matter the degree of any issues binding it together.

Finally: I don’t agree with all of this separation of families, but I do know this isn’t the first administration to do it. The zero-tolerance policy of AG Sessions is within itself not outside the law, in fact, it is what the law states are to be done regarding those individuals who come into the country without proper ID or an acceptable right to an immigration process. These people are doing something that is illegal and against our immigration laws and policies, they alone made the choice to endanger themselves and any children who accompany them in order to attempt to enter this country without legal process.

Now I know that sounds bad, but that’s been the order of immigration law ever since this nation was founded, and every time we falsely enforce it we as a nation suffer. However, the suffering the people of this nation endure as a result of media organizations who by their credentials should be offering us facts and truths is without compare. As they sort through the civil, the political, the business, and the societal orders and disorders of the day everyone would be more knowing and understanding if it was just presented as it is. But we need to make note this false narrative of fake news is going to get worse before it gets better because hate is the new order of civility today.





Reclaiming evangelicalism: How US churches are distancing themselves from Donald Trump | Christian News on Christian Today – Bad Move

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The National Association of Evangelicals, which represents 45,000 churches across 40 different denominations, this week sought to clarify who evangelicals are when the word has been conflated with support for Donald Trump.

President Trump praying with officials, guests

Source: Reclaiming evangelicalism: How US churches are distancing themselves from Donald Trump | Christian News on Christian Today

It’s amazing just how much Evangelistic distaste there is among so-called Christians for anyone who supports President Trump. The attachment of the word evangelicals to dole of whites who have been deemed the main supporters of Mr. Trump is literally blowing up the religious universe not only in the United States but everywhere. It seems that supporting the person whom God has placed in an office of power is no longer an acceptable position for Christians to be in according to those who see it as condolence of past sins.

Rom 13:11-12 (MSG)
11 But make sure that you don’t get so absorbed and exhausted in taking care of all your day-by-day obligations that you lose track of the time and doze off, oblivious to God. 12 The night is about over, dawn is about to break. Be up and awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing touches on the salvation work he began when we first believed. The keyword in these verses is “Oblivious to God” a summons if you will be aware of what He is doing in the time and season we are in.

So, what really is the issue here? Is it the fact that white evangelicals were the majority of those who rose up and swayed an election of someone who isn’t aligned to a perfect life, or is it that a majority of the so-called Christian based leadership in America couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a man that made the same mistakes as many of them have made. And if you add to that God is making it clear His work is at hand, there may be an embarrassment of sorts that side along with it. The thing is it doesn’t matter whether it was Baptist or the Catholics or the Assembly of God who supported Mr. Trump in the election, whoever did must be considered a blight on the premise of religious leadership within America.

I see this as a rebuke by those who totally missed the work of the Spirit of God in a day and hour where sin and all manner of evil atrocities are at work in the world. If we let our spiritual sensibilities arise for just a moment we would see that for God to reveal the evil that for years has had prominence within our governmental forces requires someone to take a stance against it who’s a character is not prone to meekness. That individual just happened to be Mr. Trump a man whose character is all-sufficient to not be swayed by a barrage of evil political hypocrisy present within our media and party affiliates. But rather than embrace this effort of God they see demeaning it as an all-out work to embolden their religious stigma.

Surely your smart enough to know that not one of the other Republican candidates who ran for president could have faced this much evil ism by those in opposition and still be in office today. It boggles the spiritual mind to think that we have a right to determine what kind of person God is to use to fight against the evils we won’t even mention. These self-righteous morons would rather that a woman who had ties to evil intents throughout her political career and would have clearly continued in the dark mannered efforts of the progressive left is better than a man who just like them has sinned in the past. Believe me when I say its best I stay away from such prominent hypocrites.

There could be an added issue in all of this that might be more alarming to us than we know in the aspect that the present evil that has taken over our government, education, and media could be underwritten by these same religious leaders who’ve found power to be a thing their not willing to let go of. What do I mean by that? If God is on the move to reveal all the evil workings going on around us so that we take notice and by prayer bring about change then maybe that includes the evil in any works they have been privy to enforce upon those not in awareness. Remember when it comes to house cleaning times He starts with His own.

Isaiah 44:7-8 (MSG)
7 Who compares with me? Speak up. See if you measure up. From the beginning, who else has always announced what’s coming? So what is coming next? Anybody want to venture a try? It’s pretty straight forward when it comes to God doing what he wants to do.  8 Don’t be afraid, and don’t worry: Haven’t I always kept you informed, told you what was going on? You’re my eyewitnesses: Have you ever come across a God, a real God, other than me? There’s no Rock like me that I know of.” If leadership thinks He isn’t going to clean up all things before the return of the Lord then we are in sight of fools who can’t discern the truth that evil does not win.