America we have a problem, and it is one that I think won’t go away soon because of liberal leftists and those on the religious right who have a supplanted irreverence to what and who our nation’s president represents. If we look at the latest media rhetoric being narrated by those who are offended by Mr. Trump’s victory and accomplishments, one would believe that a white supremacist just took over our nation, and yet nothing of the kind has occurred. The reason these individuals have such a view is that they see what has happened as a purposely biased work of conservative middle-class America made up mostly of evangelical whites. So this has to be seen as whitish and imperialistic in every way by those in opposition to it.

The anger that prevails from the left isn’t really about Mr. Trump instead it’s the outrage over what they believe is a unified denial of liberal power called out and trampled upon in their terms by a coerced political process. So any expectations of what will happen in the future weeks, months, or the next 4 to 8 years, is already laid out in the racist color of the language used to describe everyone who is white as fascist, racist, bigot, supremacist, and so on. In liberal terms, everyone must be neutral in color which is the defining factor in this blog post since they truly desire someone who is colorblind.

In other words, they want someone who is blind to the colors of this nation and willing to express the narratives that liberals, those on the far right, and the media, put forth to continue in their social engineering of the American populace. What is confounding about this neutrality of color is that in order to create any civil discourse there must be the utilization of indifference and an expounding of all color lines to justify the cause for civil activism and destruction. And how they turn around and hypocritically deny that color has any measure except for whites reflected in every response regarding their historically indignant diatribe.

As you can see my issue isn’t only with the liberals but is also with the Church as many of its leaders contest the election in the same manner, but are unwilling to speak the same words of definition. A recent article written by a black pastor of an AME Church in DC wrote that he has concern over fellow evangelical brothers and sisters who in his words are deemed the “conservative white side” his term. An expression that was posted in an article regarding the lack of criticism by these same whites regarding them not speaking aggressively against an idealism that President Trump will somehow fix everything wrong with religious values in America. Which is postpartum anxiety due to the fact that in 2009 black evangelicals bet all their spiritual chips on President-elect Obama to be the black messianic deliverer of civil justice and reform. Something that clearly he had no intention of ever doing.

So now there’s this desire for someone who is neutral in the aspects of morality and color to lead this nation back into a gloriously righteous place. The problem is that person is not President Donald J. Trump according to the religious right and many who tend to support their discreetly narrow views. As they and others see his Presidency as a damaging aspect to the nation and the Church simply because he comes with the color of sin in his past. Something I’m sure none of them were ever tainted with regarding their own life of self-righteousness.

The middle America who elected Donald trump did not care what color they or their candidate was, they only wanted someone who would no longer accept the status quo of the liberal media and the political establishment. And would work to put the power of both the government and religious rights back into the hands of those it was stolen from. The fact that this country is made up of individuals who are of different colors and races should in no way defer the political ambitions of those who only seek to bring an end to a purposely caused civil disunity.

The left along with the religious right both are vying for control of the national narrative by neutralizing everyone to what they would describe as non pigmented. Yet within scripture, it is clear that God isn’t parting us out based on the color of our skin, since He saves all through Jesus Christ His Son whether Jew or Gentile, or black or white, or pink or orange, or whatever. If the Church in America is only willing to accept a leader who is without the stains of sin then we will have to wait for Christ to return as only He can meet such a requirement. We are not instructed by God to only elect persons who are Pastoral to be President, and if we were there are many of them of color who themselves have failed to remain true to His righteousness. 

As for the liberal leftist who believes everyone must be a colorblind socialist puppet or otherwise be seen as a white racist, fascist, bigot, or supremacist. Clearly, they are focused only on continually socially degrading the nation despite the fact that they wake up each morning and look in the mirror seeing the word hypocrite written across their forehead.