Evangelicals have continued to stand by Trump, but why?|If Not, Evil Resides?


You got to love left wing Evangelicals because bless their hearts they cannot see past the liberal hatred and divisive manners conjured up by ideals that thwart common or spiritual sense, though you would hope in a Christian mind there would be conflict over such actions. However, the fact that many on the right or those Evangelicals who lean toward conservativism still support President Trump should not be a complicated issue when you realize how much evil is afoot in this day.

While the election is still in a quagmire of conflicting votes the support of a man who stood up for them is not going to go away anytime soon. The real issue among leftists Evangelicals is that they cannot or will not remove themselves from the faction of progressive mindsets that has for years taken its toll on both common and spiritual sense. They along with many in the Baptist belfry hate Trump and or what he represents which is freedom in the sense of God given rights to dare think as He does.

The fact right wing politics exists is because leftists idealisms threaten not only our democracy but our rights to freedom of religion and expression of it at our local churches. And delegate individuals who rare radically against any right to life or freedom of expressions thereof. Mr. Whittock’s version of Evangelical support for Mr. Trump is just as we should expect it to be, one filled with divisive claims and positioned upon leftist thinking. This is clearly apparent in his following statement.

[Conservative Supreme Court nominations (with the potential for repeal of current abortion legislation), support for gun rights, the downplaying of science, support for a particular form of Israeli politics, strident US nationalism, the promise of economic recovery rather than lockdown, and Trump’s explicit appeals to the evangelical community have outweighed his personal behaviour, Covid-19 mortality, racial injustice, the climate change crisis, disregard for international obligations – and even his mocking of evangelicals in private. At best, the latter issues were ignored in order to achieve success in other areas; at worst, they were of little concern to many US evangelicals.] Christian Today Nov. 7, 2020

All of the above follows the media stride to defamation of truth and reality to be only as they see fit. One must keep in mind there are two forces at work in the earth on one hand we have the forces of evil and on the other we have a force for good. And fortunately the later is backed by a God who is not left or right winged but just right about everything He does. The fact He is involved in any political aspect within humanity is something that Mr. Whittock and others fail to surmise. Since, many on the left side of all this are pro-abortion, anti-Israel, and anti-second amendment among other left leaning ideals choosing to believe they can occupy a grey area without any concern of judgment from God.

I would venture to say that if God made a choice for political candidacy He would not be favored among the Evangelicals or other denominations who support leftists ideas and surely not elected by them, because in their yield of thinking they are the only ones with a right to think, as it is about them not Him. To ridicule those who believe He is interested in the governing powers that affect His creation is to reveal a notion that one’s religious affiliation is not to be summoned when actively engaged in political or social events. This cuts into the scriptural truths that bear witness that one must be Christ minded not only in spiritual contents but also be in worldly contents since it will affect others.

The fact some Evangelicals have determined to be more adherent to the so-called right wing ideas rather than be tethered to the liberal ones that run along the edges of evils and wickedness shows there is still hope a spiritual sense is among us, as God always has a remnant in the wings waiting to be revealed.

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