Politics, The Church, and A Messy Quagmire of Stupid

Here we are some few days away from the next election in this country and the political and religious issues that prevail are amongst some of the more stupid of any to be seen. We have those on one side of the political party reverence who see everyone who supports Donald Trump as irresponsible indigents of our society and on the other side are the ones who support Joe Biden appearing as the Sith party in Star Wars.

The fact is neither group wants to focus on the real issues that plague our country and look at both candidates for the one who presents the more solid platform to accomplish diminishing them, it is politics today. But we are not supposed to care what they will do we are to only care what the media tells us about them, after all, they are the most intelligent people on the planet if you don’t believe me ask them. They will tell you they are the only voice of truth. NOT!!

The abundance of lies piling up on a daily basis from them and every social billboard isn’t designed to be helpful in assisting the populace to make a sensible decision. It is designed to make us conform to certain directives and not question whether it is right or wrong. In the arena of politics today there is no platform only the media’s objective. As to whether it benefits the citizens of this country or not is altogether another issue as the reality of it has nothing to do with politics but all to do with personal opinion and ideas. The main reason everything is politicized today is so that when any influence may be needed to keep the American populace leaning left more than right or vice versa it can come about in a matter of seconds.

It is our continued acceptance of this instant opinion-driven narrative that has brought us all the issues we now face as a body of people from every race and ethnic background. If we would stop being stupid for a moment and just look around and see where we are, we would see that we are a nation not under influence of our own choices but under the control of our own media. Think about it, where did these society dividing issues come from that we are daily quarreling over as if there is some left and right contrast that’s involved, every one of them is issues forged out of hate for America promoted by the media and these social platforms of Twitter, and Facebook.

Now that doesn’t mean they are all wrong and we don’t need to recognize or discuss issues that wrongly affect us but it is clear there is a forceful captivation of all issues solely to provide a narrative definition for a divide among us. This isn’t confined to politics it is also a prominent way to influence the Church to take a stance of ignorance in regards to its own spiritual purpose in society. If we think for a moment that the hate we see among our younger generations is here because of all the wrong those who proceeded them have done then we are truly stupid and maybe too stupid to deserve a nation where we can live freely and prosperously.

We have allowed voices of hate-filled individuals to daily barrage them and us with ill-mannered talk that comes from their own distaste for anyone and anything that conflicts with life in general as they see it. Listen to the ones who hate Donald Trump based on what they hear from the media and then listen to what they say about Joe Biden and it is all narratively cloned. So regardless of whether or not it is true the effectiveness of the media is shown out in what these haters say clearly supportive of many of the destructive actions of the rioters and Antifa legions who daily pronounce a stipend account as if we must accept it. Why? No society in its right mind would condone such acts but they want us to accept all these wrongdoings so that when it erupts in our own cities and towns we won’t fight back.

I just watched a video of a prominent leader among black churches saying he is supportive of black lives matter and is praying for that organization. It is his choice to do so but to appear to promote support of a Marxist-based organization that isn’t for helping the black community but by activist proliferations divide the citizens of a nation and works to destroy its economic ability, is stupid at best. If anyone thinks creating more hate and distrust is going to be helpful in bringing reforms then we can see the media narratives are doing exactly what they are supposed to.

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