How the ‘Culture War’ Could Break Democracy – POLITICO|The Media Dogs to Their Vomit!

Thirty years ago, sociologist James Davison Hunter popularized the concept of culture war. Today, he sees a culture war that’s gotten worse—and that spells trouble for the future of the American experiment.

Source: How the ‘Culture War’ Could Break Democracy – POLITICO

The fact there is a culture war going on is all the dynamic you need to understand that it is just that, a war, but not necessarily the type of war that many are describing today. While the cultural revolution should be called a cultural revelation it isn’t, and that in a nut shell is a problem. Why? Because culture defines our beliefs, and our racial and religious differences along with this is a revealed diversity to be accepted by all. In the past this was traditionally more about how we think concerning these issues, but today it has been vaulted to an elevated stature by liberal media who use it as something to be founded more upon senseless rhetoric than intellectual debate.

What they are doing is like pitting one country against another for reasons not worthy of mention but being highly influential able to bring them to battle it out just to see who’s standing when the aftermath is cleared away. This is what the liberal media does by video and narrative dialect pit the left against the right and stand back to see who survives. In itself this is senseless but many are easily promoted to the divergence of it and have been trained to accept as fact it is no longer about accepting our differences but about destroying one for the sake of the other. The article expresses the concern as to whether our democracy can survive this war, I say it is more about understanding the end goal of both sides that brings out the real factors in this.

Democracy: In what we typically call a democracy the government is more controlled by the people: where power is invested in the people and exercised by a representative stature where elections of like minded politicians may be held. Wherein the principles and/or policies of the party who claims rights to lead this democracy see themselves as the elected political authority. And any class distinctions and/or social anomaly’s of its citizens are for use by the governing party as seen fit.

Republic: Government having someone elected as a presidential leader from a specific political party but with the ultimate power residing in the body of its citizens who are freely entitled to vote for whom they choose as their elected officials who are to be duly sworn to uphold a responsibility to govern according to the laws they in-act. And any class distinctions and/or social anomaly’s of its citizens are by law free to express but not to be used as a statute of civil governance or dominance.

Now the above outlines are my own simple explanation and no doubt there are those who will add their own liberated circumstantial ideology to them, but for sake of discussion here let us see them as two sides to one issue. – Control of those who are by law free – Citizens. The culture war is no longer about you and me and any differences we may have that morally and/or ethnically divide us, it is about destroying anyone who isn’t like branded in their thinking. Let’s face it we are not all alike even among those who are racially or ethnically the same and as these ideals and mannerisms stand out in such a diverse union of humanity it should make us more desiring to know one another. But media-its say otherwise and work hard to instill anger, hate, and malice in each of us in a senseless battle that only divides us.

So, why are we so willing to fight among ourselves a battle that in the end will destroy our basis of humanity? I think it has more to do with the fact since early 1970’s. When journalist were allowed to enter the ranks of combat traveling with the soldiers who were fighting in Vietnam and determining that what they did not understand of the horrors of wars they narrated to the extent, a war of terror being performed by our own troops. While no one can deny that the Vietnam war had significant issues involved most were caused by politicians who deemed themselves war mongers having little idea of how to actually do it. That makes the root of this cultural conflict more about an ideological status of power rather than the emotional rhetoric used to incite it.

The media of today does not take into account the truth of any issue, they see it as a cannon for displaying video snips and laying undermining narratives of lies, half truths, facades of opinionated innuendoes that are designed to elevate emotions and defer any real truth leading to one having sense of why, what, where, and when of it. Taking sides in a populace of leftist and rightist is not going to be successful in the long run as destruction of the other leaves voids in our union and makes them weaker in future attempts to stage a battleground among those they see as wrong. It is the dog returning to its vomit and eating again that which was already eaten, a vulgar phrase no doubt but illustrative of what is going on here.

In the democracy stance it is no longer the people who have a loud voice but the politicians who by use of the media are shouting down oppositions that represent a more true stature for the citizens of this nation. And they do it with outright lies and statements so untrue one cannot see any wrong in the efforts of the media. While Davison Hunter may have made the culture wars a known fact he did it with questions he had no answers for. The media though don’t ask questions for factual truth they ask for reasons of power making them very dangerous for all on the left and right as they continue to pit one against the other.

Our current day situation in Afghanistan shows us how much they love the power they have as they lay cover for an administration that is derelict in its duty to preserve and protect our citizens. If you think they cannot do worse then wait what they do in the coming days and weeks and months will be so wicked and perverse you wont be able to look upon it and not say, why are we allowing this to happen. The politicians are not going to get the media under control they need them too much but we the people can if we rise up and remove the basis for their institutional rhetoric and instilled hate by no longer accepting what they say or do as original or fact or truth. If they cannot make us fight one another they have nothing to left to do but be who they say they are journalist telling facts and truth for the people to decide what they want to do about it.

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