Maxine Waters promises reparations in ‘stump speech for 2020’ – YouTube – Maybe she should check her bank account first.

Deuteronomy 24:16 (MSG)
16 Parents shall not be put to death for their children, nor children for their parents. Each person shall be put to death for his own sin. Holding account those who never committed any offense against someone is right out of the lunar eclipse event cycle. The notion of reparations that Maxine Waters proposes is of no account in any legal sense, but her senseless rage about it is gaining prominence among those who are clueless about the past.

All one has to do is spend some time looking into the history of slavery in the United States and soon you begin to see what actually took place in a period of a cultural tendency that stemmed from Europe and northern Africa. The biggest promoters of this atrocity were Democrats and many of them owned slaves and were against the freedom of slaves during the civil war. The Jim Crow period of laws was the Democratic Party’s form of racial segregation led by slave owners who had no intention of losing their hold on the south or its cultural indigence. And let’s not forget the ominous KKK which was an affiliation by those in the Democratic party, not Republican.

The real irony in Maxine’s proclamation is that she actually believes in what she says, making her statement about reparations have even more senility than the latest infantile promiscuity of the progressive left. She claims to be the new spokesperson for the black people and yet she along with other prominent Democrats hold on to the bigoted racial diatribe and Anti-Semitic hatred of the self-proclaimed leader of Islam; Louis Farrakhan. No wonder she has such dementia of truth for brandished slogans and rhetoric such as impeach 45 that keeps running around in her little head.

While this is silly in every sense of the word the real danger is that the young generation of Blacks today have no history embedded in their consciousness. What they have been given is an emotional pictorial of hate and discontent by the progressive left and the Democratic party who have purposely disparaged the educational institutions of this country. If Blacks don’t know the truth then they will believe the lies from other Blacks! That’s the theme of those who have for a long time been promoting their racial bias and hate of all the alternate races of white, Hispanic, Asian, etc.

If God doesn’t hold the children responsible for their father’s sins, and the fathers are not responsible for the sins of their children, in other words, each is accountable for their own sins. Then what gives Maxine Waters the right to deem those who never acted in any way against those who are generations beyond the account of slavery to now be held monetarily guilty. Maybe the real issue here is the sin she is attributing to, which is the continued slavery of Blacks by Blacks who see corporate ignorance as power. So, if there are to be any reparations maybe it should come from her instead.

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