We Shall Be As gods!

As I continue to add each chapter to a new book coming out soon I find there are things that need to be made known now so they can have a head start on influencing us about the issues affecting our lives each day. So from the most recent chapter called ‘In The Raw’ is an excerpt relevant to present times. [Beyond our ability to hear the narratives being sent forth for promoting evil among us there is also visual expressionism’s that bring us under the attack of sinful perversion. What used to be seen as filthy and detestable is now commonly promoted as a form of entertainment.

The use of pornography by those in Hollywood no longer reels only in the XXX market it is now as easy as just seeing a movie. Humanity’s craving for sex lends this category a top rating for the most exposure in the least amount of time making any evil here, seem merely as lust. The internet has brought us into the world of sex, sex, and more sex by making XXX videos and pics a common household event. Statistics show that both men and women watch pornography on a regular basis with men having a higher number seeing it as a means to satisfy sexual lacking. And this feeding of one’s sexual appetite isn’t abstinent within Christian households they like those in the world are drawn to it, and today considered one of the leading causes of divorce among them.

The pretense of evil drawn out in sexual promiscuity is even more subtle than most other events because we see sex and sexual intercourse as a way to gratify one’s sensual anxieties. Sex for us is good, healthy, and helps to keep the marriage union fresh and full of trust. However, sex as a means to fulfill eroticism, fetishes, or sexual abuse is dealing in evil though it pretends to be a form of sexual expression. In the mainstream of religion, there is an emphasis on carnal mandates seen in the way it promotes works to gain prominence. This tradition of seeing things through carnal eyes rather than spiritual has lent many a minister to fail the evil ritual of celibacy. Seen in the fact that over the years men in posted spiritual positions by the church used it as a platform for abuse of young children who aspired to their leadership. Pedophilia isn’t new it has been around as long as humanity, but the evil prevailing in it is today being sanctioned by those on the liberal side who promote alternate lifestyles.

These sexual indigents want to nullify all sexual sins God classifies as evil so the present characterization of any abnormalities among them is seen as normalized behavior. Promoters of sexual sins do so behind a personal facade of falsely good in order to cover their evil intentions. Those ministers who preyed on the youthfulness of children didn’t openly present their sin it was deviously kept secret. Today this manner of coverup is present in much of our society by those in politics, education, medical, law enforcement, and most especially those in the entertainment industry. Almost every day we have a story about someone who is under the condemnation of sexual abuse of some sort. And within the revealing of the episodes of the event, we find out it was either known and remised or it was well hidden.

The enemy’s evil ways aren’t hidden they have been plainly called out within the scriptures, humanity however deceivingly hides his evil ways by presenting it as normal behavior. Scenes showing sexual intercourse cleverly placed in a movie to elevate sin in the storyline is normal and expected today, as we have been slowly seduced to accept it as a part of social entertainment. And the usage of foul language is becoming as familiar in normal conversation as a thank you or hello. What used to be taboo on TV is now the norm whether its spoken out by media opinionates or the prime time entertainment. The F” U phrase is commonly used as a lamentation to demonize anyone they detest and have no qualms of its being plastered on media even if young children are exposed to it.

Nothing is to be unexpected today every manner of sin and evil presentation is being shown not because it’s wrong, but because it desensitizes us to the degree we won’t take a stand against it. The more sex we are exposed to the less we care about the good or evil in it. The same thing is going on in the aspects of killing one another it is placated to the extent that we actually have come to expect it on a daily basis without any remorse. The carnage left after each of these heinous attacks of murder is no longer seen as an end of life to sorrow over, but just a pictorial opportunity for media to present it as just someone’s emotional outburst. And though the media alerts us with warnings of graphic content before showing such things it no longer causes parents to rush the children out of the room. As a matter of fact, there are many who today sit anxiously awaiting the next evil atrocity in order to satisfy a lust for death.

So, any wonder sin is rampant in our streets within our society, since it is now seen as useful and needed by those who see evil as a means to stigmatize the populace. Gen 2:17 17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. This statement made by God clearly has a presence in today seeing this as having the intent of not just physical death. but also spiritual. Gen 3:5 5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. The truth in this scripture is among us today in the form of humanity and its overwhelming use of evil as a means to exhort itself. We have become like gods in the sense that now we can decide if we want to do good or evil in our day].

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