Florida Teacher On School Shooting: “I’ll Be the One Brave Enough to Say It” There’s More To Be Said

This Florida teacher has something to say about the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, and it’s going mega-viral.

Source: Florida Teacher On School Shooting: “I’ll Be the One Brave Enough to Say It”

I in no way want to diminish Kelly Raley’s statement and its truthful insight in light of this recent atrocity. She is truly a brave person, not only for speaking out about the issues we in this country have basically ignored and refused to deal with for many years but mainly because she is taking a position, not in line with liberal educators or the media in this day and age. So, I feel it’s important to follow it up with something not mentioned in her statement on the shooting at Stoneman Douglas.

Her voice and the voices of the students who survived the shooting and those who join them along with parents, lawmakers, law-keepers, and politicians aren’t going to make a significant difference, at least not in the manner we want it to, as long as we have an organized effort to defraud our first amendment. Seen in the fact that many see it as a free pass for speaking not in any liable manner, but one totally devoid of any moral or ethical sensibilities.

The daily dole of spite and discontent goes on and on and on with most of it coming from the mainstream media and liberal activist groups. What’s amazing is that there are people who willingly set drooling for the next tidbit of distention from these social opinionates. She mentions that 20 years ago levels of violence were nowhere near the level it is today and outlines no single influence has brought it about. But what is also to be seen is even if we deal with these issues to help curb the violence will it be effective if we still have people on national TV networks presenting a daily drama by a means of bias and hate.

All one has to do is sit down with an expectation of hearing and seeing right and wrong to be displayed by factual and truthful dialogue, and it won’t take long to see that such communication doesn’t play into the daily dose of distention. For those of you who may not know what that word means its from a Latin root meaning to extend something, as in this case social tensions created by the verbal diatribe being presented. If you doubt me, then set down and take time to watch their facial expressions, their body language, and their emotional anxiety all being publicized by a narcissistic ego.

While I pray for the senses to come around and once again see ourselves as men and women who care for one another and respect each other even though we don’t always agree. The hope is we as a nation take note of what has happened to us over not just the last twenty years, but possibly the last fifty or so years. As we’ve willingly turned over control of what once was the best education system on the planet and now the definition of our first amendment rights to those who interpret both by liberal hate of our country and its constitution of laws.


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