Tammy Bruce: California chaos — Unchallenged liberalism leaves homelessness, drug abuse, garbage in its wake | Fox News

Liberal policy failure is all around us and destroys lives every day. In California, the destruction of society and individual lives has become so overwhelming, the state’s liberal overseers now spend their time covering up where they can and normalizing the chaos as much as possible.

Source: Tammy Bruce: California chaos — Unchallenged liberalism leaves homelessness, drug abuse, garbage in its wake | Fox News

The affective aspects of good and evil come in many forms, but when there is a mockery of all sensibilities that should prevail in the sight of human tragedy only an infectious stupidity remains.

California lawmakers and state officials have rigorously promoted the narrative that all’s well in the sunshine state, however, the evidence of the well being of its occupants proves that to be very wrong. Among humanity’s filth and pestilence left in the wake of its own efforts to live in any way deemed thoughtful is also seen as a demise in the consciousness of health and wholeness. Drug abuse runs rampant where there is a sense of hopelessness and care for one’s self-esteem or well being is going to be non-relevant.

It’s one thing to narrate freedom of choice, but to stupidly narrate freedom to excrement homelessness for the sake of liberal ideology proves how intellectually disdain those in charge really are. There is nothing to be gained by people’s despair in life, except when it fulfills a liberal narrative of relativism, not of anyone’s well being, but of one’s cultural purpose as determined by those on the left. Those who suffer under this stupidity are being abused on a daily basis and the populace of California either don’t care or are as stupid as the leaders they continue to re-elect.

While the Los Angeles Times calls this a national disgrace, the reality is its a state-owned issue meaning those who have chosen to destroy the economic structure of California’s metropolis is ingrained in the Democratic hypocrisy of social injustice. For the rest of the nation, we can only hope that at some point the people of CA. realize that those whom they have trusted for years with their future have seemingly disregarded the well being of those who sustain the state’s economy.

Having the highest homeless population and the most illegal immigrants in the country doesn’t bold well for intellectual prominence. What used to be the sunshine state is now the trash heap of America solely due to liberal tactics that enslave ignorance and exalts an ideology that never in its history has forwarded anyone’s well being. San Francisco has taken to providing topographical layouts for those who might visit the city so as not to step in something the free-thinking others have left behind. This speaks volumes about the self endowed mannerisms of those who live there and the leaders who reciprocate sex, violence, and moral indecency as the norm.

 Proverbs 12:1 (NKJV)
1  Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is stupid. Those who refuse to learn even by their own disgrace are inhumanly disregarding those whom they hypocritically deem to care for.


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