The Media – It’s Time For Another Babel

II want to tell you a story of past history where there was a King named Nimrod, a descendant of Cush, a descendant of Ham, who was one of the sons of Noah, he ruled a kingdom called Babel in the land of Shinar. At this time all the people of the earth spoke only one language, as a result, they all came to commonly agree on making bricks that would all be made in the same way, and use them to build a city and a tower that would reach all the way to heaven. In doing so they would make a name for themselves, a name that has power, power because they all spoke together to make it happen. However, God came down and brought diversity to their speaking thus all began to babel various languages resulting in their dispersal over all the earth. Why did God break up this effort to arrive at His doorstep? Because the power to accomplish such things is promoted out of selfishness purposed to only do what one wants, even if it is not the right thing to do.

Man, what a story, they all came together and spoke the same thing and by it they perceived having the power to build a tower that would reach all the way to heaven. Now I challenge you to see something here, in that when a number of people come together all speaking the same thing they had great influence and believed they could actually build a tower that would reach all the way to heaven. Is there anything wrong with such a thing happening? They saw themselves having the power to do anything they wanted to do, in this case, all just for making a name for themselves in the earth. Why? Because they knew if they were separated from one another they would not have the power that comes from all being of one mind to do whatever they imagined.

So is it right that any specific group of people should have such a power that’s derived by their ability to all speak the same corrosively biased thing solely to accomplish the desired goal? Well let me tell you another story about individuals who belonged to integral organizations that felt they were part of an effort to provide truth by revealing any facts regarding what was going on all around us in this nation and the world. The truth that was to be revealed pertains to our politics, government, military, social issues, education, economics, and just plain ole everyday life issues that could or do affect the people of this nation. They called themselves journalists, reporters, and news people who were all seen as having integrity and were respected for their efforts.

However I am sad to say this story like the Babel one does not have a good ending, since many of these individuals and the organizations they work for have come to believe that they can have an influence upon all of the aforementioned areas, by simply coercing them by bias based speech ( or a controlled narrative) instead of the real truth. These individuals found out that by an organized coercive effect on the organizations of our government, education, economics, civil and military powers, they could control the interest of the individual citizen, and by inciting a mob-like effect they could shut down any contrary narratives that might try to challenge such actions.

I must add that more importantly, they found that it favorably affects their personal social status within the media foundations and among those who also see their efforts as an influential paralysis to diverting any truths. While they may not be using bricks to build their tower of Babel, they’re all the while this occurs purposely extracting financial profitability from those who are supposed to be the recipients of said truths. So just as in the story of King Nimrod and the tower that came to be called Babel, there will come a day when the speech of these individuals will be so dispersed that it will no longer have a corporate effect upon the people of this nation and no longer for any socially driven egotistical selfishness. And the common speech will be the truth as it was supposed to be for the well-being of all.

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