The fact that humanity is still in love with itself is not a strong factor when we are talking about things that interrupt our social interface. Most everyone today sees us as socially strong and well informed based on the fact that anyone can find out what’s going on in the world in a matter of seconds. This is true, but it does not contribute to any societal unity, instead it wells up a host of anxieties, emotions, and feelings that can adversely affect our ability to receive each other’s quirky little mannerisms. Clearly seen in how much we are now divided on many issues that in the past were never even considered.

There is a media effort to daily embark us all on an emotional roller coaster by barraging us with purposely narrated issues that are designed to heighten our sensuality to quicken a response. Many things seen on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are for the most part genuine when they are posted. But there is this daily barrage of stuff specifically designed to provoke us emotionally. I’m sure the photoshopped, the staged outrages acts, and the senseless verbal diatribe, are all being done to invoke emotional responses just to get a like, a share, or anything that renders attention. And the amount of people trying to be famous through social media, which especially includes the news media, is astounding. But we act as if we don’t care, because we like it and feel a manner of satisfaction when we see all these other people doing and saying the stuff we wouldn’t dare do ourselves.

There is also our social interactivity something we used to engage in on a face to face premise, this is now being supplemented through technological devices that have no soul. What that means is no emotions, no anxieties, no anxiousness, and no feelings are going to come from that device to tell you not to do some stupid act or say something that will make you look foolish. So these devices now provide us a harbinger for ridicule, demeaning acts, distention’s, all sorts of ill reports, and wider use of metaphorical narratives, and many more things we engage in because we see this as a means of interface without any responsibility. The fact that many who are speaking on these devices via a social platform do so without the slightest thought of how it will affect someone else. Social media may be a great platform for a digital connection, but it cannot fulfill a social balance that can only occur within humanity via a real physical presence. Thus, while we think we are now more connected than ever we are actually more apart from one another.

In today’s order of communication, some no longer see a need for truth or morality or integrity, though they are by far and away necessary for healthy unity instead they are now being taught as irresponsible behavior. This allows our enemy to present an era of evil via digital waves seen in the daily drama now being played out. And the emotional rage that occurs from those trained to denounce all communications that would seed a contrasting view should be cause for alarm. This is a warning sign that mankind’s carnality is being heavily reviled. The biggest contributor to this is Hollywood whereby movies, television programs, and media exploits they sexually publicize the lifestyles of the famous populace who have managed to render immorality as the perfect mannerism for fame and fortune.

Thus, we cannot leave out of this digital environment news media’s who are deeming for control of the masses in order to purposely disenfranchise anyone of the civil accord. Using a newly formed social normality of demeaning anyone who might be morally right, while exalting those morally wrong. It’s no longer socially acceptable to have a character applying sensibility to matters concerning gender, sexuality or political agendas solely because such venues are seen as viable streams for sowing seeds of discord among the populace to create social dismay falsely narrated as the norm. All of this is to purposely render an openness to liberal-socialist fascism designed to divide us, not unite us. We once were a society that revered truth and moral values, and by any sensible means, we discerned the facts. This is no longer true as we now have an organized effort to divide us by a socialist ideology that survives solely by our daily emotional abuse.

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