Blue State Blues: Media Would Destroy Republicans for What Nancy Pelosi Is Doing to Block Funding for PPP|Evil Is Showboating While A Nation Is Held Hostage!

While Nancy Pelosi stalls the PPP extension, more small businesses are being forced to close and lay off workers. The media share the blame.

Source: Blue State Blues: Media Would Destroy Republicans for What Nancy Pelosi Is Doing to Block Funding for PPP

Did you ever think that the United States of America would ever become a nation held hostage by politicians and the media? Sounds otherworldly doesn’t it, but that’s where we are right now as political prowess by aspects of taxpayers money available for anything on the bucket list is all coming to a head.

You see, none of the actual upending of American lives as a result of this coronavirus pandemic is being counted here it’s all merged around power and wealth, not for any benefit of a nation, but for the benefit of those who are funded by media and they’re own financial promiscuity. Nothing about this should surprise us such political activism supported by the media has been going on for years and we’ve just been willing to tolerate it as we tell ourselves they’ll never be able to do what they are doing right now. And they’re doing it right in front of our faces with pride and arrogance while praising us for our appreciation of how well they have forced some 330 or so million souls into isolation by deceitful political tactics of paranoia and fear to maintain a political narrative advantage.

Think about this for a moment, in the last 20 or so years the media and leftist politicians have been forcing an agenda of liberalism upon us using so-called news reporting by agencies and individuals who either no longer have any credibility in the field of journalism and are so money-minded they don’t care. It’s no longer about telling the populace any truth and allowing them to determine how they view it, today it’s all about whatever lies are in order just to be relevant among leftist peers and how they can manipulate us. Added to that is the fact that politicians who have the media support are not only trying to control a political advantage in congress but through miss information and outright lies are trying to gain one party’s eternal control. Though media and the politicians they support are often caught in the act of lying we still accept hypocritical characterization and back it up by viewership and votes.

My first thought as I pondered overall is wow we as a nation are really stupid, but that wouldn’t be fair to everyone as some just don’t know any better. So, let me get to my point, the fact that there are politicians who are using this crisis to further some political gain at the expense of those who are right now filled with uncertainty about the future because of the media’s pondering over their own selfish relevancy. And how they promote them as sensible and forthright in whatever they are doing. Is nothing but the media helping politicians showboat the power and control we the American public have given them.

As they keep us postured in our homes away from not only each other but the resources we depend upon through our jobs and companies they do it by a continuous framing of paranoia and fear. These are principle tools the enemy of darkness, the devil, uses in order to prevent any posture of faith to be manifested. As long as those who are endeavored by their faith to be warriors of righteousness stay the process of intercession and prayer over the situations at hand the enemy will continue to act out and do it with all pride and self aimed arrogance.

I’m fully conscious of the fact all of us need to be careful and aware of the coronavirus and continue to work to protect ourselves daily by using the things we have learned over the past several weeks. And I’m not saying this virus isn’t a danger to us and the world, but anyone who would use this crisis time to exalt their political or media status is by far and away filled with pride and selfish intentions. That leaves us to determine just how long we are going to allow them and the enemy to keep doing it?

I know there are many who are engaged in prayer all over the world and it is this stance of faith that will defeat the enemy’s attacks and stay the work of those who are emboldened to take advantage of his activity. But what’s important is Christians need to be focused on how to know good and evil and not let anything evil get by and not be seen as relevant to the cause of spiritual warfare as it has the seed to reproduce more of the same. All of these little acts of ill-political posturing or media blitz of video clips proven to not be true to the story are all part of the covert working of evil the enemy does, whether the person doing it realizes it or not.

Intercession is spiritual warfare using designed tactics, meaning if we know the enemy uses certain immoral events or episodes of outright hypocrisy we can focus prayer on the activity to stay any effects he is working to bring about. It’s not so much the person, as what he does through the person, Christians are able to pray for an individual’s salvation and come to an awareness of what they are doing if it’s evil. And any effects such evil activity would have on a region or nation or just that individual can be made null and void if certain scripture is put forth in prayer.

While the prayers of all who are praying at this time are important let’s not forget we are engaged in a spiritual battle that isn’t going to end when we get past this pandemic. It will still be going on until the Church is no longer present on earth, at that time all evil will become paramount to the works of darkness and only those anointed by God to be the proclamations present in those days will continue to fight.

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