HS girl swimmer near tears after transgenders get ‘unrestricted’ access to locker room where she changes ‘multiple times, naked’ in front of others – TheBlaze

via HS girl swimmer near tears after transgenders get ‘unrestricted’ access to locker room where she changes ‘multiple times, naked’ in front of others – TheBlaze

Well, people here are the lefts newest form of pornography, to make children accept an act of cultural idiocy as now normal in our education and athletic programs. These social indigents have found a way to promote another level of sexual promiscuity beyond sex education formats which in light of recent years are getting more exploiting every day.

The thing we see in this endeavor is they are purposely abusing the rights of this girl and those of other students solely to promote what use to be seen as obscene porno as inclusively recognizing the rights of transgenders. Who by the way, have no right to defer any rules or policies presently in place to protect our children from sexual predators. Which is, whether you agree with me or not, the evil underlying format for much of this insanity.

I don’t care if I appear as uncaring for those who are caught in a leftist trap and being abused solely to settle the anxiety of their own sexual profile. A way in which this should have been handled with just a sliver of common sense would have been to arrange a format of protocols to address this issue and establish guidelines for accommodating these poor confused individuals. This could be easily done within our society without disrupting the present allocated efforts for those who choose not to be abused by these sexual perverts.

Separate dressing rooms for transgenders only, athletic programs for each chosen gender preference, competition, and training programs specific to their own sexual orientation. All of it could be done without the social drama and emotional anxiety they have created in the souls of this girl and others. Not to mention taking away their right to any fair competition.

As a society, we are responsible for the wellbeing and safety of our children as they are the next generation to take on the ill-minded mannerisms of the left. Clearly, this isn’t about helping these children during their time of indecision on what gender they are, it’s about enforcing another form of sexual perversity to be expounded upon by those who are immoral and without any sense of integrity. All one has to do is stop and look back at the history of liberalism and the foundation principles it continuously ensues upon society, and at every turn, you see programs and cultural influencing design to lessen our grip on morality and accept more sexually insane and devious insights as normal.

The lefts sexual perversion never stops, first it’s homosexuality and then the definitions LGBTQQIAAP……..whatever, and it continues to grow each time a new emotional bulging takes place. Even the sexual exclusivity, drag queen story hour at the library, educational forums at our public schools not to reveal sexual promiscuity but to train children as young as 6 in how to actually perform it. Isn’t any of this making you sick of having to put up with all these leftists sexual dramas?

What’s amazing is the total number of individuals who actually are living out these perverse lifestyles today only amount to about 4% of this nation’s populace, and less than 2.0% of the world’s total population. And yet we are acting as if they are the majority and in control of all social exergies. This goes to show you just how effective activist groups are on these issues. And a school board placating it has a responsibility to all students is a hypocritical term as it decided to give access for these upfront peeping Toms anyway.

Mayday may have gotten Her/His/It’s/Them or whoever’s way and are ecstatic about it for now, but a day of reckoning is coming and there’s nothing they can do about it, God is not going to be mocked in the end.

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