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My God, where do you start when it comes to the inflammatory attitude of those who are more interested in taking out an elected President overvalues of immorality rather than values of God’s plan. The spiritual divide within the Church body today is growing at an exponential pace by those who see things more from a human side than a God proven one. It’s never been about what humanity thinks or deems is right in the working of all that God does, it’s always been about what He wills and will do. And if you can’t stomach that then your faith isn’t built around the history of the ages of God’s interactivity with His own creation.

Mr. Galli appears to esteem the Democrat’s rendition of viral tyranny based on opinions and inuendoes from those they paraded across the media screens and then spent hours pounding on the epitaph of untrue facts they themselves couldn’t affirm lead to Trump committing any criminal act. The precepts of unambiguous facts he claims appear are taken into account solely on a moral judgment he deems to be the establisher of giving himself a righteous position from which he can vilify an unacceptance of Evangelicals.

Mark Galli’s position in regards to Evangelicals isn’t anything new he joins the ranks of several other notable Christian writers and editorialists who all seem to lay blame for the ills of our nation of late at their feet. Even claiming they are to blame for any acceptance of immorality among the church due to the actions of Mr. Trump by laying out that he has in the past been engaged in immoral actions of business and social relationships. And the ongoing support from Evangelicals for Mr. Trump only ignites greater Furrer drawing warning that they best not forget who they are and who they serve.

In looking at this in sections, it is true Mr. Trump is more viral and often more toxic than we would want him to be when he tweets or talks at rallies or media events. However, it’s nowhere near the level of vitriol demeanor that comes from those who are opposed to his Presidency, as they on a continuous basis fill the airwaves and media tribunes with montages of hateful deride over his success. Galli’s statement of calling a spade a spade is a correct assessment only if it’s applied to all parties involved.

But this whole issue isn’t about impeachment or any manner of legal or ethical or even moral standard, it’s about religious egos bruised as a result of the 2016 elections. Give me a minute to explain; ever since the election the Democrats have been trying to undo what happened because they’re political prominence was tarnished when instead of who they said would be President affirmed by a platitude of activity, Donald Trump got elected. The very same thing happened within the religious organizations that supported Hillary Clinton because they couldn’t accept Trump’s past convinced their congregants the only right person was Hillary not for the sake of the nation but for the sake of morals. And then the impossible happened, a man whose past is filled with mistakes and imperfect manners is now the head of this country in spite of all they’re sanctimonious rendering.  

These self-proclaimed judges of morality have no better platform to stand on as each like Trump came from some past sinful edifice, no one is born without sin, something they easily forget if it deems a put down of other sects of believers. The one thing they aren’t willing to take into account is that the Evangelicals are a little more in tune with the Spirit of God than they are, and this is causing them to try and make this particular sect of the Church look foolish. Some have said they are the cause of the demise of the Church of late, calling them immoral by accepting someone who is so defiled and despicable as Trump.

Years before the 2016 election cycle God spoke many prophetic words about it and yet most of the church never heard any of it. Why? Because it didn’t align with their moral prejudice, but many Evangelicals saw what He was going to do. Now I’m not here to edify the Evangelicals, they like every one of us has done things not in alignment with the will of God, but they were willing to hear the prophetic voices God sent forth-telling what He was about to do. God has never sought out the most perfect human being to do His will on the earth, the only act that did require such a person was a sacrifice of one life for the salvation of souls for eternity, Jesus the Son of God, who was without sin, died to fill that requirement.

Mr. Galli and those like him always want to determine who fills positions in this nation and in the Church be of a moral standard that only Jesus Christ can meet, however, His return to earth won’t be to become President of the United States but King over all the earth. So, if he wants to hold the office of the Presidency to such standard to fit his own expectation of moral edifice then hold all to the same as he too has a part in the process affecting this earth. 

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