God is not male or female, says Archbishop of Canterbury | Christian News on Christian Today | Another case of SADD

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The Most Reverend Justin Welby said descriptions of God were ‘to some degree metaphorical’ and that His characterization as ‘Father’ could not be understood in exactly the same way as an earthly father.

Source: God is not male or female, says Archbishop of Canterbury | Christian News on Christian Today

Have you ever wondered why God is referred to in a male tense within scripture? Imagine if we said God is my heavenly neutral gender parent who created me and gave me life. Sounds kinda funny, doesn’t it? Well, it appears we have some bobble-headed religious leaders who think this is the way we should refer to God simply because it’s more gender-friendly.  

I would like to ask you a question. If God showed up on your doorstep do you think He would appear as a half male and half female or maybe, if it were possible, as without any features that distinguish gender? I’ll give you the benefit of knowing that He will appear just as He says He is, MALE as is clearly revealed in the majority of structured tense in the word of God. God says He is the I AM, not the I IS, and all throughout scripture, the tense of descriptions are more bent around male than female. 

Jesus didn’t refer to His Heavenly Father as It or some neutral reference, He called Him Father as in terms of one who is at the headship of all things. It isn’t up to us to determine what or who God is in a tangible sense because He is Spirit and posses himself in that form only. However, testimonies and witness of what has been seen from the supernatural reveals there are both male and female genders considered. 

The bishop Rt Rev Rachel Treweek who might have enticed this rhetoric either recognizes herself as female or maybe as neutered in the sense of human relevance which is clearly an issue that isn’t caused by the church, but by her own relative choice. The fact is this gender definition debacle has nothing to do with self-definition sexually, instead, it’s all about aligning to some A political stance of reformed correctness that’s being brought on by an imbecilic ignorance present in those who now lord over much of the religious populace of the Church.

If genders were not an issue with God then why define it by our physical presence as males and females. The aspect of us being hermaphrodites is out of context to our manifestation as sons and daughters of God when aligned to the truth within scripture. That makes me wonder who really cares if God wants to present himself in a male tense He’s a sovereign God and can do whatever He wants and no puny A political archbishops can change that. 

I’m sure you’re wondering what SADD means, well it’s my definition of those who see the Church as some worldly oriented body that must, according to their leadership, conform to every wile of ignorance that prevails within it. It is simply an acronym for those who by their own actions reveal they are spiritually attuned to demonic disorders – (SADD) isn’t it?

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