Democratic Congressman Calls Social Media Bias A Conservative ‘Conspiracy Theory’ | The Daily Caller – Is it really a Conservative ‘Fantasy’?

Eric Lieberman | Tech and Law Reporter

Source: Democratic Congressman Calls Social Media Bias A Conservative ‘Conspiracy Theory’ | The Daily Caller

In today’s politically charged climate all sorts of conspiracies are deemed to be relevant by those who see bias in any actions or words of others, whether media, politicians, business and even the main populace. So, as I read through the statement made by Rep. Raskin of Maryland I got the impression that it’s OK for places like social media, politics, and business to be biased in their influences. So, wait if that’s true then it means companies the like of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other media-its that have greatly influenced us can maintain a biased push in whatever direction they choose for us. That draws a sour face from me because I’m not yet willing to be rendered as cattle to be herded into some bias leftist ideological coral.

The reason I say its leftist is clearly seen in the fact that within the last few days we’ve seen that the tactics used by Facebook, Google, and Twitter are biased in rendering what is or isn’t allowed to be posted. Conservatism is being left up to left-leaning young its, barely adults, who have very little or no life experience required to validate what constitutes left or right, good or evil, and surely not what is or is not a conservative value. Their whole life is built upon the premise that conservatism is bad and socialism is good based on what yearly continues to come out of communist leaning educational institutions our politicians have so dearly fostered over the years.

Though it’s hard to contend over the fact these enterprises are private businesses who have the right to do what they want. It somehow follows on the trails of the adverse narrative that the left so contentiously upholds when they talk about rights. Seen in the organized activity of leftist advocates who willingly attempt to shut down businesses or individuals solely for the right of equality. If he wants to embellish the leftist notion of the so-called Russian influence in our nation’s 2016 election then doesn’t this also run contrary to his former leftist statement that there’s a right to do so?

The first thing you notice he separates himself from any posture of conservatism, as he clearly points out this is a rendering by those conservatives complaining about the bias seen of late. This isn’t a one-off instance happening here this is a picture of real hate for any contending opponents of leftist ideology which inherently comes from those who foster conservative views in the representation of American patriotism. The biggest divisive narrative of today in America is the left’s continued hate and distention of anyone who is not on their side of issues even if they are senseless and moronic.

We are not going to bring ourselves together again in a chorus of unity that’s willing to fight for the freedoms of those in this nation or any other if we continue to allow liberalism’s promotion of hatred to dominate the atmosphere. While conservatives may not always be right in their opinions they at least don’t vitriolically spew forth bias in the degree of hate for others who may not agree. There was a day when we used to agree to disagree and still live next door to each other peaceably without contention, and the well being of this nation was afforded the unity each was willing to give. Today that is gone by the wayside for those, who in order to obtain a character so vile and demeaning that it reals of bias, want more of the same.

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