Employee sues UGA for declining to pay for transition surgery -(this isn’t about the money it’s about a lie)

A transgender employee is suing the University System of Georgia for denying insurance coverage of his transition surgeries.

Source: Employee sues UGA for declining to pay for transition surgery

A quote from the article states – [A transgender University of Georgia employee is suing the entire University System of Georgia after he was denied insurance coverage for a “gender affirmation” surgery in 2017. Skyler Jay’s lawyers allege that transition surgeries are “medically necessary care,” arguing that the university’s insurance plan is discriminatory because “non-transgender employees have their medically necessary care covered.”]

On the surface, this article from campusreform.org appears to give account to the stupidity seen in how they’ve travailed this to be an act of discrimination regarding an employee at the University of Georgia. However, the real thrust of this issue concerning the lawsuit is about a denial of insurance coverage for a transgender’s transition surgery that doesn’t take care of any real life-threatening medical condition. But by an ignorant medical procedure mutilates the body into something it never, within its own DNA, was supposed to be. Skyler’s attorneys argue that such a procedure is none the less the same as those received by others for what would normally be considered as necessary medical care.

And it’s right here where I take issue with this particular subject. In that, what is it that constitutes physically mutilating a person’s body because there are obvious irregularities in their mental balance over gender. As mentioned in the article if such a procedure is considered the same as any other required medical treatment then I say what about self mutilation by those who slash, cut, or modify their body, should they also get coverage as well when its clearly an unbalanced thinking at work, and in most cases creates health issues that will remain with them the rest of their life.

Skyler is a female who wants to be a male and the final stage to being as close to one as she/he can get is the transition surgery. The reality of transgender-ism and all the qualms about why or why not is wrapped up in the aspect that we have liberal progressives who want to use any and all issues fringing on the edge of naturalism to disrupt our social balance. Today anything that divides society is seen by the left as a necessary evil to bring about immoral thinking supportive of defiance of God. Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queers, those Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, A romantics, Pansexual or Polysexual, Demisexual, are all just liberal sexual modules.

The left relies heavily on the facades these labels apply to abnormalities in humanity to create social deception in order to maintain confusion and ignorance as to how out of character relativism really is to naturalism. If you’re not in the know of what naturalism means its the characterized presence of uniquely specific genetics contained in the creation of all things. These genetics determine the individual continuance of each part of creation whether it be plants, trees, grass, cattle, humans and so on, all the way down to each specific type or breed (male or female).

Today those who testify of altering their gender to correct some sexual birth error have evil-minded socialist to thank for it. As, this transition surgery isn’t about correcting a body being born as someone wrongly sexed, its more credulous in its purpose than that. It’s about promoting humanity’s willingness to accept carnal deviancy as a way to grow up defiant of uniquely specific genetics contained in the creation of God. This shows that transgender-ism is nothing more than an evil hoax specifically designed to promote confounded thinking that makes them think they will be normal.

The greatest abuse of humanity is the ignorance that’s promoted by those who deny the truth about how and why we exist as males and females. And how each one of us gains our identity to our gender from those around us who help to steer our thinking toward an affirmation of male or female clearly called out in our biological codex. If those on the liberal side of this issue believe that transgender-ism is a real convergence of genetic truth then why aren’t all of them having a transition surgery done? You cannot promote others to become something they weren’t born to be unless your willing to go through the same processes yourself, otherwise your just a hypocrite and a liar.

The real evil presently behind this facade of sexual deviancy is those who are anti-God in their thinking and believe secular humanism is the perfect order of any society. Pr 11:20 They that are of a froward heart are abomination to the LORD: but such as are upright in their way are his delight.

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