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It simply is not true that America is a Christian nation. We are a nation of Christians (and Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and people of no faith at all), but we are not a Christian nation.

Opinion:  |  July 9, 2018

Source: No, Pastor Jeffress (and others), America is not a Christian nation. And here’s why it matters – Baptist News Global

I know its past the 4th of July and all the celebration is over and we’re off to the next event in our national venues, but I couldn’t help after reading this article think that if we’re not a nation that we could be called Christian then what are we to be called? A nation of Islam, of Buddhism, of Hinduism, or Atheism? If not Christian then what? The fact that this nation isn’t established upon a constitution that inherently vilifies us as a Christian nation doesn’t mean we’re not inherently Christian in our beliefs as a whole.

When I read this oped I at first agreed to much of what Mr. Daugherty says, but then as I got deeper into it I said wait a minute is this an article declaring religious freedom or is it one to defame those who would rather be trialed as a Christian from this nation more than anything else. As it turns out the later would be a clearer premise of thought by Mr Daugherty, revealed in this statement – The message that “America is a Christian nation” is flat-out false factually, legally and practically.

While he makes a good point, it isn’t one I would say is supportive of the majority of Christ believers who only see Christianity as a means to a more right presence before a righteous God. Yes, the constitution doesn’t mention the word Christian in every other sentence or paragraph, but it does inherently have a theme running through its infamous wording that clearly reveals a Godly presence is intended. And the fact that Christianity has had a longer period of expressionism in this nation than any other so-called religion is relevant to its founded spiritual posture.

For anyone to think that for a nation to be substantiated upon Christianity it has to have it aligned into a constitutional document, reveals an immaturity of the spiritual kind. Since faith in Christ isn’t postured by a nation’s founding, but by its citizens hope in the one they declare as Lord of all. I would suggest Mr. Daugherty look closely at the history of Israel, as they were the first true Christians of the Church who were unfortunately driven out by the spiritually ignorant leaders of the 3rd-century religious philosophy that declared the Jews were a threat to religious rights at the time.

The nation of Israel is called the Jewish nation because they continue in their religious Jewish traditions before God, but are Hebrew in the sense of a nation. So, if we follow that premise into our own history we see we are a nation of mixed race and cultures, but one that’s constituted by a continuance in the traditions of Christianity more than any other. And his decree that any privilege given to one religion will somehow present a stigma in our citizens should be reconsidered in light of the fact there are many in our nation today who would render us all under Shiite law if it were possible.

Now I do have to give Mr. Daugherty and the Baptist Committee for Religious Freedom credit for their continuance of spreading the distention they have for Evangelicals and anyone who supports the efforts of this current administration. By deeming the politics of the border laws and the enforcement of it as the evil being done by policies, not set in place by the current enforcers, but by social justices, we call legislatures who occupy both the house and senate. The failure of these individuals to inherently follow through with a Christian mannered approach to the issues we face as a nation is exactly why we have the bitterness and hate being vilified by media and political advocates today.

So, while Mr. Daugherty and those who agree with him don’t believe America is or ever was a Christian nation, it lingers among the rest of us that it’s possible most will consider it still more relevant to our way of living than any other religions. And though we have mosque being built all over the nation there is still tolerance for other’s way of beliefs, as long as it doesn’t focus a dominance that removes one’s way of presently living freed.




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