Political Correctness – The Hypocrisy Doctrine


Ever make a comment about something only to be demeaned for saying it, and then have it re-proclaimed in a context that either takes every bit of truth from it or expounds it as something else? We see this every day in the media where something is being portrayed or spoken of in a context that anyone with less than half a cent of common sense could see is in contrast to what really happened.

Let’s take some current events and review this, in the past few years and most recently there have been occurrences of violence that were purposely carried out by individuals who were radically motivated by a doctrine that not only condones killing but emphasizes such actions are to be taken against those who are in contrast to it. And yet the reporting of such events is in a contrast to the truth, in that the individuals and their actions are portrayed as some manner of workplace violence or random acts of crime as if this is to be accepted as commonplace among our society. What is the danger of perpetrating such actions in this manner? They will never be dealt with according to the truth, but by some ridiculously fashioned manner that cannot prevent or even reduce such events from occurring in the future. The fact that a person killed someone is hard to divert, but the reason for or the manner of it can be easily deformed by hypocritical input purposed solely to fulfill some sort of political social posturing.

What is religion? Well, one simple explanation is it is a particular set of beliefs as outlined in an ideological doctrine that is adhered to and upheld by a body of individuals through practices that confirm it. Now you may not agree with me on whether political correctness is a religion or not, and that is OK, as I am not looking for you to do so. But I am hoping that you might see how this manner of a sect within our society is promoting this as if it is the only socially correct doctrine to be adhered to by everyone.

So why do I say that this is based on hypocrisy, it is simple when what is true is presented in a manner that does not substantiate facts it is hypocritical in its purpose. That is what political correctness does it presents a context of words or actions as the only socially correct thing to do even if it contradicts any factual or sensible truth. It is also having an effect in many pulpits of the churches across this nation, as it is being perpetrated as the new standard of textual social conformity, in taking the real truth of scripture and hypocritically rendering it into a form of doctrine that contradicts the true facts as presented in God’s word.

There are two things we need to see in regards to this issue, the first one is in the title of it (political) this should immediately present to you that it has a purpose, one that is either politically motivated or deemed essential to a political cause. And when you spend some time investigating the origins of this ideology you find that the persons responsible for it in the 1990s were in fact politicians. Now there is a debatable structure on both sides of the political coin as to who actually originated it, the right (conservatives), or the left (liberals), but in any aspect of it, it has a political undertone purposed to control or influence matters of social interest. The second thing visible here is that it has no written or structured rules or regulations to apply to it, everything is made up as it goes along, whatever the issue at hand there will be some form of an applied redirect to bring it into a politically correct presence. Even the law of the land will be subjugated to this manner of context and seen as not rightly fulfilling the legal purpose in regards to this so-called PC doctrine.

Those that support it render it as the holy grail of correctness, and yet it is without any real facts or historically proven principles to substantiate it as the only socially right thing to do. And there are news organizations who unfortunately have garnered this to be the religiously applicable doctrine to be used for applying social engineering. The influence of the citizens of a nation to be politically postured and supportive of specific individuals whom they alone deem worthy of any governmental power.

I know you’re saying I am not one of those who would allow someone or some organization to influence me into making decisions that affect my well-being or that of the whole nation without the true facts. Well, you are if you take this PC doctrine to heart and allow it to bring you to doing things that are contradicting to what is truly needed to be done.

So are we the citizens of this great nation, regardless of our race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs, going to continue to allow such a hypocritical doctrine to be spewed from our media, politicians, religious groups, organizations, and any so-called individual solely for influencing our actions! Actions that should be made in response to issues that are relevant to our whole as a nation and as a person, actions that should be based upon the real facts as present in any truth of what has occurred. Are we so stupid that we cannot see what is going on here? Just as there is to be freedom in our churches for anyone who sees the truth as it is presented from scripture for their personal choice of adhering to such by their own faith. There is still yet today by the Constitution of this nation freedom for all of its citizens to make choices based upon truth as it should be revealed by those who morally understand its purpose.

So if the benefit of all is considered in the actions to be taken, and not to be by some politically driven hypocritical dogma, then it is our choice. We can either continue to subjugate ourselves to this hypocrisy doctrine that has no content of common sense within it, or we can go back to allowing such things as common biblical sense and historical facts to have a presence in our actions!


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