“The Storm Before The Calm”

As we try to come down out of the ceiling tiles after the past 18 or so months of being rallied on a daily dose of media narratives to form our opinions and the votes we just cast there is something to be learned. While there are allocations of deviant minded individuals mustering to destroy the very communities they live and work in. Many have decided to have a more silent perspective about what just happened on Nov. 8, 2016.

Let’s first discuss this evil mannerism being used today to promote the way in which we as a nation will determine our future. It is being done by something that is far from our past history in that we are now purposely driven to separate ourselves into factions emotionally biased toward others. Meaning that each cultural, ethnic, or racial variant is being used to provoke national civil anxiety over issues that are still commonly relevant to everyone who lives here.

This anxiety is being created through social media by the commercial news outlets using a theoretical proposition that says they can steer the masses to do as they want by using bias narratives. If anyone thinks that the hate and discontent that is apparent in the rioting activities of late and those of the past 18-24 months is just a normal response over a difference of political opinion you are badly mistaken. Evil takes no prisoners nor does it ever agree with the proponents of good. What we are seeing is a disdained belief that there is another part to the soul of America and that it is one that chooses to lend an opportunity to a political indigent. That statement is not aimed at making a smear of President-elect Trump’s victory, but a comment rather on the disparity that is clearly being promoted in this nation by the media.

The second thing to see is while many in the Church want to stand back and raise their hands and edify a victory there also needs to be a perspective flowing that says we have not yet won the hearts and minds of the nation. As the thing that stands out in this after a flow of hate and discontent is that too many churches have been busy with entertaining the masses rather than training them up to have a consciousness of good and evil. Now it may be that every one of those who are protesting are not of even a minor cognoscente understanding of God and are just unbelievers lost and going to hell. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the case, and if it is then it, even more, reveals just how badly we the Church have been doing in our latter years.

However much of this is reflective of the cultural reconditioning of ministry that has been going on in many churches of America where pew occupancy is biased upon appeasement. One thing is for sure when there is ignorance of what our enemy historically and biblically does then there will be torrential uprisings of evil that will appear as good or even Godly. Meaning many of these perpetrators of violence are being encouraged to see it as good and needed, and some see it as a God thing having no remorse over what the outcome will be for themselves or others. I am not saying that churches have trained up anyone to do evil. It is just that when there is a voice that should speak the truth and doesn’t, and then instead speaks of everyone as OK and all is good in order to culturally appeal to them. The void that is left by no truth of the word being present will be filled by carnal mindedness that gives place for the enemy to promote activity that otherwise would not easily occur.

All of this reflects on what I have said before that when the churches bind congregants to themselves by emotional vias through entertaining of the soul they leave them open to influences of spiritual darkness that they are unconscious of. You may think I am belittling the Church by what I say. But I ask you if the Church isn’t going to take a position against any evil workings of the enemy and then continually train up its masses to discern it, then who is? Much of the prophecy of late has revealed that God is going to make a change in the heart of this nation and it appears that the election assures it has begun. But churches must align to the efforts of the Spirit of God in order to affect change in the souls of their masses, even in the midst of violence they need to speak the truth.

Herein lies the focus of this blog, it is that while many ministries and religious organizations are calling for prayer in this time when it is desperately needed. There is also silence on social media waves by those who are the profiteers of the cultural trending that sweeps our churches. It seems as if fear of retribution is in accord in these entertaining environments, and the course of scripture that should be paramount to the enlightenment of good and evil is disdained. If I am wrong then we should see as much an effort to quail this hate and discontent as there has been to appease those who are filled with it.