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First off what is terrorism? Well if we define it as described by the media and many so called terror specialist, it would appear as activity purposed to promote fear through chaos in order to bring about submission to a way of thinking or an ideology. Typically it is attached to political causes much like those we have seen over the decades involving nations having internal conflicts over who’s going to be in control and have all power. In the eighties we saw how it was used to gain media awareness to fascist ideologies by high-jacking airplanes, and blowing up embassies. And of course we here at home were dealt an awakening to it on 9/11 with the bringing down of the twin towers that occurred in New York City. But, regardless of any material destruction that occurs the real focus in this activity is the death and carnage, as this is really the end goal when an attack occurs. Since the more horrific and devastating the event the more fear and drama they can exploit from it.

The recent attacks in Manchester and London shows just how much these individuals don’t care about whom they maim or kill, since children and adults alike are all targets having a premise that serves their cause. And no one can diminish the fact that lives are lost and many are changed forever as a result of terrorist actions. But the greater issue here is the narratives that are developed out of it by those having a media platform.

Whether its the mainstream news or those in Hollywood’s entertainment industry all have capitalized on it to push a secularist humanist ideology. Ariana Grande who I’m sure has suffered personal shock over the Manchester incident has along with Katy Perry profited from the American concept of success and economic well-being, and yet they and others ignorantly support terrorist mannerisms by making statements that diminish the fact that these individuals are never going to move in next door and become model citizens.

This socialist ideology among the liberals in media that says promoting terrorism and everyone associated to it is effective in causing despair among society in this nation and others do so by using narrated lies that are seen as far more profitable than any truth. These people never reveal the real facts, because that would clearly make known what is actually going on. So, why is the news media, Hollywood, and people like Ariana and Katy lying and deceiving us? Because they are ignorantly understanding of what good and evil really are. Katy Perry would do well to go back to her roots in the Church and look at what scripture has to say about these two opposing forces, since evident in her manner of talk and performance on stage she has clearly not got a clue.

One of the biggest dupes in all of history is occurring in this nation and others on a daily basis. “It is a platformed agenda carried out by social media, mainstream news, and liberal elitist whom we pay money to to be entitled to their dribble, all promoting this evil as if it is the most right thing to do”. The reason they do what they do is based in the fact that to point out and reveal how evil all this really is would require them to believe in historically laid facts that exist only because there is a God fearing prism of truth in them. However since socialism cannot thrive without removing the forces that oppose it such things as Judaeo Christian beliefs and ideas that promote and support conservative principles must be opposed. This in a way is terrorist activity, because it utilizes evil and the consequences thereof to continually promote an ideology for social reform. Such an effort reveals that any real truth of how destructive to a nation and it’s citizens it really is will instead be a promotion of tolerance through ignorance as narrated by the media.

I know your thinking I just called them all terrorist, not so, I’m just pointing out that when anyone promotes evil mannerisms in any way harmful to themselves and others, even if through an ideological ignorance, they are aligning themselves to its purpose. The key factor in knowing good and evil is to know what the truth is concerning the activities of both. I don’t think it takes much education to understand that anything good is better than anything bad, but when you promote bad as now being good then you are surely lacking of any hint of responsibility regarding even any moral truth. Hebrews 5:14 (HCSB) But solid food is for the mature—for those whose senses have been trained to distinguish between good and evil. Obviously there is a process involved that can assist in training up ones sensibilities to even naturally discern what is good and what is evil.

I’m sure there are many of these elitist who will say they don’t support terrorism, and yet they keep saying it’s not right if we don’t accept the belief in a religion that promotes it. The truth is the media and its derivatives don’t actually accept these activities of terrorism or any of the refugees who are displaced by it. They just want to capitalize on all of it to promote a socialist political agenda seen in the hypocrisy of not openly taking in refugee families into their own homes while continually berating this nation and others, into openly and without question accepting them into our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces.

Many of the refugees displaced by this chaos are good individuals and know how to live in a personal realm of peace within their culture. However there are those committed to upholding the radical beliefs they have grown up with and are not occupying to be assimilated into anyone’s society. Even though most of the recent attacks in this nation and others has come by single entities or small groups radicalized by some means to perform these atrocities. We must remember that those who have grown up in Islam accept the teachings of it and believe they too are subject to its punishments and condemnations. Thus out of fear very little rebuke and almost no condemnation will ever occur by its leadership or ranks.

Those whom we call radical Islamic terrorist are out to kill anyone who doesn’t conform to their skewed beliefs whether born in a middle eastern nation or part of the evil western cultures of America, UK, and most of Europe, or anyone having a Judaeo Christian heritage. That means there is a clear and present danger toward the lives of those who uphold an opposing view of Islam regardless of whether any terrorist activity occurs or not. The fact that we should look at this as if we are all alike is a promotion of ignorance, as the world and all of those in it have never been the same in all of its regions throughout the history of mankind.

So, one has to ask why would anyone in the media or those who have a platform within it be consumed with promoting those who attribute to such activity? As I said, they cannot talk about evil in light of the truth, because it requires having a God fearing nature being present. These people hide an immoral purpose by not telling the truth, wrapped in lies and deceit through narratives that cater to a facade of ignorance presented to us by those who claim to be the only educated among us. I have to say, if being an elitist requires accepting vane ideology and moral ignorance as breed from intelligence, then I am glad I’m a moron.

All of this leads to the fact that the media and its constituents use of terrorist tactics (the capitalization of sensational acts of violence to provocatively narrate a secularist social agenda) has been going on for far too long. The nation of the United States wasn’t brought forth and established upon the standards of any media of the day or by those who promoted such a platform, it was born out of the chaos and savagery present at the time. And those who were willing to see the evil in it sought by a God fearing heart and the truth of His word a way to separate and protect those who would fight for freedom from such tyranny. This is why we or any nation need to look closely at the narratives being put forth each day by those who have deemed themselves such an elite status. Since they believe that a socialist agenda is worthy of a nations conformity to ignorance of any truth as they see fit.

Many think the media in America is just innocently doing the bidding of a certain political party. That is not true! Simply because they are the ones who developed this political class of elites within the mindset of this nation and its capital through a deliberate disguising of truths with biased narratives well planned and carried out in their daily dribble.  Historical evidence opposing socialism clearly reveals that in order to overthrow any democracy you must first overthrow the people through lies and deception hidden within carefully laid out narratives that falsely represent any real truth.

The present day hateful and despicable language toward those who hold thoughts or opinions on issues contrary to those in the liberal media clearly shows that they believe the people of this nation betrayed them in the recent 2016 Presidential election by not electing the candidate they purposely had chosen for us. And since they monetarily thrive from public attention it is impossible to overthrow this nation without conquering the viewers first. So, they have chosen to take out their anger and discontent over it by using the political party extension they have created to spew lies and contempt upon those who represent the political choice we the people have made.

Here is something to make note of and the point of this blog; While the powers that be are of God it is the people of a nation who willingly give anyone in the consummate of media influence a platform of power, that means only the people can take it from them.



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Every time I go back and read some of the things that God has brought to me in these past three years I find that much of it is in direct relation to our present everyday happenings. And while we are to be the most spiritual entity on the planet at this time, the Church is daily struggling to maintain a righteous composure. We see evil on a daily basis being presented on the media, in our streets, in our government, and whether you agree with me or not even in our churches. So, I felt it important to post another excerpt from my book tilted ‘What From HELL is Going On In The Church”, as it lines up to the carnal drama and spiritual ignorance being played out in our nation today.

Like it or not there is a simplicity of evil being accepted daily within the Church, and even though scripture reveals that it will only bring an eternally dramatic ending by death and torment. Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. It is occurring because life as Christ has revealed is now being deemed too difficult to culturally conform to any social acceptance. Thus the spiritual demographics of many churches today has inherently changed to what I choose to call demon-graphic. So, in order to better explain some of these changes as mentioned we have to look back at what I have said is actually going on in many churches. As mentioned, there are pulpits that are dribbling forth a narrative that is designed to pander to the fallen nature of man. Purposely being done to hide the ill-mannered lifestyle of those who stand in it propagating an acceptance of sin to those they minister to. This is not what the Lord does, or would ever do. He does not pander to our sinful nature by daringly flattering us with words that are so soft they cannot change us in any manner. Wasn’t it sin that got us into trouble in the first place, and don’t we still need to be saved from it? Rom 5:18-19 (AMP) Well then, as one man’s trespass [one man’s false step and falling away led] to condemnation for all men, so one Man’s act of righteousness [leads] to acquittal and right standing with God and life for all men. 19 For just as by one man’s disobedience (failing to hear, heedlessness, and carelessness) the many were constituted sinners, so by one Man’s obedience the many will be constituted righteous (made acceptable to God, brought into right standing with Him).

So, why are so many churches ministering in such a manner? It is because they now believe the greater false narrative that is being promoted by the devil designed to convince many that God’s grace is sufficient for any sin. Meaning no one ever need be concerned of any judgment since after all under grace all our sins are forgiven past, present, and future. While there is truth in the fact that God’s grace is sufficient, sin is not to be considered as an irrelevant issue regarding one’s righteous position in Christ. As any acceptance of sin runs counter to God’s position of hate in respect to evil. Prov 8:13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil. Pride, arrogance, an evil lifestyle, and perverted speech I despise. There will be no fear of God in the hearts of the people when sinful mannerisms are being accepted in the face of God at church pulpits. So, whether you like it or not this is demonic activity being disguised as a necessary change in the ministry order purposed to bring in the masses.

Listen carefully everything I have mentioned thus far is in some way rooted in evil, and demonic in its purpose. It is not in any way a work of righteousness by the Spirit of God, because He takes no pleasure in creating a void that will be detrimental to His eternal purpose of the Church, nor does He bring out cultural themes that only appeal to certain social groupings. Therefore no manipulation has ever occurred by the Holy Spirit solely for the sake of bringing anyone to Christ. And He can never create an apathetic manner among God’s children because He is the sole reveal er of the truth. So, an entertainment put forth by churches to solely offer an experience that is purposed to appeal to one’s sinful desires in order to emotionally attach them to Christ is totally out of line. Every one of the seven things the Spirit of God mentions here are unfortunately in manifestation in the Church today. Prov 6:16-19 Here are six things that the LORD hates seven, in fact, are detestable to him: 17Arrogant eyes, a lying tongue, and hands shedding innocent blood; 18 a heart crafting evil plans, feet running swiftly to wickedness, 19 a false witness snorting lies, and someone sowing quarrels between brothers. They are a direct result of changes being made to churches and ministries in order to be more effective in today’s social cultural conformity mindset. That doesn’t mean they have never been in manifestation in the Church, but most have never been nurtured by pulpits to the degree that they are today.

Now I know you are not liking this one bit, and neither am I, but if we are not going to admit that this is occurring and then work to detour the efforts of the enemy, then the status quo will continue. So, in reality of what scripture says pertaining to our being transformed in nature to be without such things where do you believe the blame, if any, is going to be accounted? Jesus willingly takes full responsibility for the spiritual condition of the Church, and has already put in place certain principles that when adhered to will bring it into full spiritual maturity. But we are also accountable for our own individual part in this process, and none of us will be able to defer any account of what is taking place regarding His eternal promise.

Let’s review these seven things God hates.

  1. Arrogant eyes – This is directly referring to pride and how one uses it to appear as perfect in manner. Churches that today see themselves as the end all to be all in ministry of the gospel are in reality not true revealers of Christ. But just effective gatherers of souls using whatever manner of manmade perfection they deem necessary to entice pew occupation.
  2. A lying tongue – I don’t think this will take much explanation, as almost everyone knows that over the centuries many have taken advantage of the pulpit to personally proclaim they were the only speakers of truth. This mannerism is clearly being revealed today in the overall amount of ministries that exist solely by proclaiming that they are right.
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood – Now this one is unacceptable by many in the Church, simply because no one wants to think that anyone who is in Christ would ever be in such a position as to shed the blood of the innocent. And yet we have within the churches of this nation those who today side with the continual slaughter of innocent unborn children. And no one can plead ignorance to the fact that many of our nation’s judicial and legislative leaders daily confess their Christianity, and yet continue to support abortion on demand. So whether it comes from the pulpit or the pew, or government, if one claims Christ and defers the right to life as He has created it, then they are no less guilty than those who shed Christ innocent blood.
  4. Hearts that craft evil plans – Here is one that lines up with what I have been saying in this book. In that there are churches and ministries who are eager to be part of an evil work that allows demonic type activity to occur, and then just brush it off as mere trivial mistake. And yet they purposely plan out how to cater to the sinfulness of those who are just looking for a place that will accept their immoral lifestyle. They even exalt those who are uncharacteristic to righteousness to leadership positions within churches and ministry organizations that were once held as spiritual bastions of truth and glory. The best example of this would be the United Methodist Church and its internal warfare going on over a purposely planned out allegiance to the gay and lesbian clergy. This group of individuals are not coming out to now become a part of society, they are coming out because they now plan to take it over.
  5. Feet that run swiftly to wickedness – Now this is one has a corporate working within its parameters. As we have both the leadership and the congregants in a spiritual state of ignorance toward what is clearly revealed in scripture as wickedness. Though this word in context can be translated several different ways the general consist is it refers to doing evil things. So why do I say all are guilty? It is because none are perfect and all have fallen short of the glory of God. Rom 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; And even though we who are saved from sin have been moved to a position of righteousness in Christ, we still have the ability to sin before Him. This is why the corruption of the evil one causes even those who minister at the pulpit to fall from the grace of others.
  6. A false witness boasting lies – How many of you have had to defend yourself because there was someone who made false accusations about you to others that unfortunately were believed? Well the thinking in today’s cultural society is one that renders lying as ok in meriting a demonic presentation of others. Since we have those who are quick to call anyone in opposition to liberal leftist ideas, bigots, racist. homophobes, and just outright demons. All to support an ideology that in itself is demonic, and works by evil intentions in bringing others along through lies and deception. They purposely erase the past in order to create a new future of immoral and self-seeking individuals like themselves. This same thing is going on in the churches where there is a removing of the past spiritual deeds of the Spirit of God in order to bring into light a liberal acceptance of sin. And the lies that are being presented by these pulpits and ministries are truly evil accusations made against the righteous who oppose them.
  7. Sowing quarrels between brothers – This is where many try to place me, simply because I am bringing into light things that are considered taboo by most of the Church’s leadership. As they feel that any wrong or bad things that occur should not be openly discussed as they might reveal our imperfect selves to an imperfect world that we are trying to save. The real issue here is that no one is to send forth statements or accusations purposely designed to sow strife and discourse among the brethren. In my defense what I am bringing to light is the activity that is daily being testified of and witnessed by church congregants. These individuals are speaking out about how the Church is by a demonic activity giving place to evil mannerisms that clearly are purposed to bring a demise to its power and glory in the earth.


There are things that are also taking place outside of the Church, and they have demonic influences solely to effect change in the geopolitical landscape of nations. Take the United States, which is a country established in and based upon Judaeo Christian beliefs, and is considered by most nations of the world as being of an economic and military power. However we have in this nation today individuals who would prefer to destroy it and its position in the world, along with those who live in it. Solely to promote an ideological position that is biblically and historically proven to be flawed, but to them prospers a means of eliminating any Christ-like opposition. It has been at work within this nation for over a hundred years, and in the past was continually confronted and diminished by the Church. However today many churches are now embracing this ideology and allowing the enemy to gain a foothold at many pulpits. What is this ideology you ask? It is socialism, a Marxist ideology that is fostered by those who are liberalist and social reformers who believe in the total elimination of capitalistic and conservative Christian ideals and values.

Socialism has advanced from its origin in the 1700’s, but it is still primarily focused on removing all Christ like influences that are applied to any civil or social matters. Because they believe that by doing so they will eliminate any opposition to their immoral and ungodly manners. This explains why such issues as those being presented by LGBT activist are being openly presented not as just equal in respect to historical social values, but deemed to be better. Not because they are, but because they believe it reveals the discriminatory posture that has always emanated from the Church. Thus the means justifies the end so to say for using such things as political correctness. Which today is nothing more than an hypocritical narrative used to demonize those who would be in opposition to such immorality. But since we must have this so called change in churches today we now have many pulpits throughout this country that express an adherence to this demonic dribble.

In keeping in character to the previously mentioned issues, we also have liberal socialist who have discovered that carefully crafted narratives issued and ruminated by media sources will influence a nation’s civil pulse. This so called social engineering via manipulation of society is being done in order to control the political prowess and balance of power in this nation. And many churches and seminar institutions are supportive of this socialist tactic. Since in recent years they too have proliferated a constant spewing forth of anti-Semitic dogma to purposely create a cultural discontent toward Israel. While this isn’t something new it has now become an integral part of creating generational intolerance for Israel and the U.S. This is why when the demographics of the Church changes an increase in demonic activity such as described here as demon-graphic occurs. There is one thing that becomes clearer as we delve into the mannerisms being presented by many of the churches today. It is that for any characterization of Christ to be seen, it is now going to have to get through a heavily clouded worldly haze of compromise and tolerance of sin.