When we find ourselves daily struggling to figure out all the racial conundrums there is out there, no explanation can resolve it. Why can’t we just remember when race used to not be an issue among the masses upon the planet, and go back to the thinking that prevailed then? Oh, that’s not going to work because we never had a time when race didn’t have to be a premise. The races that exist today within humanity aren’t here because of anything mankind has done other than expressing a will to survive. So why are we so dedicated in trying to eradicate our society by dividing ourselves along lines of differences that clearly only exist within our DNA.

The words racial, racist, bigot, supremacist all have a connotation of discontent attached to them, and there should be since each of them are representative of stated positions of bias based upon race. Surprising is that the majority of people never have these words at the forefront of their thinking until they are made a daily narration by the media and those who wish to benefit from some form of bated activism. I remember when the civil rights movement of the sixties was occurring and how these same words were a daily discourse of edit in the media and among those who were either for or against racial equality. And herein lies the very crux of this issue of race. For the socialist it is not nor can it ever be about the hereditary differences we all have that define which race we are of, it has to be about the fact that all are not equal in their place within humanity that is adjacent to any benefits.

It’s OK if race should define our heritage, but it should not define our advantages of life. The way in which someone chooses to live is what defines their individual wellbeing and status among their peers. It is not about how much you get because of who you are, it’s about how much you have because of what you’ve done. Inequality exist because we choose for it too, by not doing whatever is needed to succeed or gain opportunity within the environments we live in. Though it’s true there are places under darkness by ruling dictators and evil regimes, and yet choosing to stay or leave or take down such authority is within one’s own choices. In America we have blacks who feel oppressed by whites who may or may not be aligned to reality of the fact that both have equal opportunities within the social economics of this nation. And that its only when either of them choose to make their part in society beneficial to all will they have success, not by any racial indignation or degenerate means but only by one’s individual efforts.

So, the question of there being any oppressive mannerisms present in this nation of multiracial migrants toward those who are of another color or race? IS SURE THERE IS! But the reality is it is minimal in respect to our masses, and it’s not being committed solely by a whole populace of whites, because racial inequality has a precedence on all sides as there are blacks and even Hispanics who see their race as supreme in respect to whites or others, and enforce mannerisms that racially move that thinking along. No one can deny the fact that any mindedness to see one’s race as if superior in some way to any other is degrading of all who are a part of this planets living humanity. But today it has become the mainstay for any social discourse among the populace rendering it the ultimate weapon to define someone’s position of contrast.

The one thing everyone is neglecting to remember in all this is that socialism exalts inequalities solely to promote division and discourse among a digit-ate of races. This is done to bring a demise to any moral and ethical ideologies that previously sustained it, meaning that whatever was the right thing to do can no longer be seen as essential to survival. Instead what we see is every manner of evil being promoted to become the norm illustrated in the outright hate, malice, and discontent presented by the media and political socialist whose voices have a daily racial premise. None of this need exist on the scale that it does today if we would just tell theses promoters of injustice to shut up and then remove any vocal opportunity they have from society. But if we hold true to the present ignorance laid upon us by our elite media and educators we will continue down this path of destruction into our own vain racial arrogance.

One last thing I must point out, these socialist provocateurs care not for your or mine opinion, but only for creating a level of racial discontent. To them you and I have no voice in the matter that is why they do what they do daily. And if you think I’m wrong in this all you have to do is listen to the daily diatribe issued by these left wing socialist with only some minor moral sensibility and you will see that its true. Sadly our younger masses are at a disadvantage in all this as they have been trained up by educators to be like them, full of hate and discontent for those who might present any past historical acts as a prominent fixture for rebuttal of present day socialism.

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