Progressive Pastor Defends Holding ‘Beyoncé Mass’ at San Francisco Cathedral – Rebuke is in order…..

The pastor of Grace Cathedral, a San Francisco progressive Episcopal church, has held the first-ever “Beyoncé Mass,” featuring songs by the pop artist and a sermon on “Beyoncé and the Hebrew Bible.”

Source: Progressive Pastor Defends Holding ‘Beyoncé Mass’ at San Francisco Cathedral

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I said not too long ago, it’s not going to be very long before the entertainment industry becomes the new aged clique in the churches in the U S. And sure enough here we are Hollywood has arrived, and the first church of the no moral’s is living up to just that, immorality on display. Now, this is not immorality as we know it, it is immorality of the spiritual kind meaning the focus is on a deemed darkening of truth.

Pastor Jude Harman’s response in regard to those questioning the vogue like display was a bit too deceiving for me to overlook. The explanation given was tantalizing, to say the least, but so untrue it’s worthy of rebuke. To say that this immoral dynamic expose is no more provocative than the descriptive narratives Christ gave in His testimonies to the crowds that were privy to a personal witness of His Father and the righteousness He is as the creator of all the universe. Is paramount only to spiritual stupidity of the first kind?

The issue here isn’t about questioning one’s faith and the religious diatribe that goes along with it, it’s really about questioning one’s devotion to those who perform by a manner of carnal expressionism solely for monetary gain. And then under-girding it with a sermon on the performers’ empirical sexual dominance by Rev. Yolanda Norton who believed in using racism as a basis for criticizing the church for its non-select of black women in the eventide of male dominance.

I question the true motives in all of this as it seems to be more like another poor black me message wrapped in a cloak of spiritual satire. Rev. Norton’s seminary course on Beyonce is probably not one that would glean an image of God from its characterization of smut neatly packaged in garments of gold or silver that the performer is known for, but instead gains prominence by professing that Beyonce is made in God’s image. This is where the rebuke comes in, as the image of God that is clarified in scripture isn’t about an outward appearance it’s about an inward image that boles righteousness as the course in one’s life. Something that cannot appear in the spotlight of erotic sexual provocation that stems from her on-stage appearances.

If Rev. Norton and Pastor Harmon feel black women haven’t been recognized within the clergy as prominent spokesperson’s of the bible then take it up with those who have a first-hand experience of what message you present. If it is worthy of praise for its revere of righteousness in the sight of truth then they will promote you in the sight of God, not some counsel of aged religiously oriented bigots.

I view Beyonce as an abused black icon in this situation because in admiring someone for their stamina and perseverance in life though noteworthy, doesn’t justify using their social benevolence to compare to someone’s life you cannot script as an example for racial struggles. By demeaning the mother of Christ to put emphasis on racism you show your own indignant mannerism toward the one thing that is centered in an image of God, a love for others no matter who they are or what color their skin. Beyonce fits into your analogy because she is black and prosperous, not because she is the persona of one’s righteousness in Christ.




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