Chicago pastor calls for George Washington, Andrew Jackson’s names to be removed from parks

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Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, noted the former presidents owned slaves.

Source: Chicago pastor calls for George Washington, Andrew Jackson’s names to be removed from parks

This sense of offense over past deeds is becoming the new trend in America, so much to the degree that anything that makes one feel uncomfortable is quickly aligned to its demise sooner rather than later. And the fact that history is filled with stories of good and evil evidently has nothing to do with understanding the why, how, or what of its occurrence. History isn’t written down or engraved in statues for the purpose of creating offense over the events it depicts, it is there to remind of us the good and evil that have occurred before we came along.

When we remove those things that reveal our torrid past we are only taking away a semblance of the time or period, but aren’t able to remove the actual acts that occurred. In almost every event depicted in our history there are good things that came from bad and bad things that came from good. The statues, plaques, and the numerous pages written within our history books all contain facts of these events to enlighten us of our heritage. We as a nation should by now have enough sensibilities to understand this and accept it. However it appears certain individuals have found that by supporting an irrational posture regarding our history brings enormous social attention.

Sensationalism by activist mannerisms always triumphs over sensibilities especially when chaos is being promoted, simply because it renders all perspectives and rational conscious ideals as unacceptable. Hence what we have today is a divergence of rational thinking for a sole purpose of unaccountable destruction. And add to that a so called spiritual factor, Bishop James Dukes, and we can affirm that even God is offended.

If we apply this manner of ill consciousness to the truths about mankind’s history we must also remove the scriptures of the Bible, as they contain the most vivid accounts of any evil that has occurred through our existence here. I might add that contained within the pages of the Bible are depictions of future events of good and evil, and yet historically we have clearly not deferred our emboldened acts of evil because of it. So whatever semblance we remove today of our past will never remove the hatred, and evil, that has occurred in the hearts of those who allowed their sensibilities to be taken over by sensationalism.

The factors not taken into account here is that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and that none are righteous, no not one, and that none are perfect in His sight. So, let’s be realistic and say that whatever evil is among us today and perpetrated by those who would carry it out will probably in the future be seen as offensive. What should they do, remove it, or leave it as a reminder of the evil that men and women are capable of. The fallacy of all this, is that we cannot take out of our history the accounts of any evil or bad things that have or will occur, simply because we continue to commit them.

The perfect example of all this is what is occurring right now in our cities and on our streets, where we have a mustering by media, and those who want to sensationalize this ill-nurtured thinking of hate and destruction. By trying to convince us that removing the semblance of those faulted who proceeded us through acts equal to or greater than their perpetration of evil, is somehow going to solve all this. This nation was founded by God through those, who though not perfect, were accepting of Judaeo Christian truths that are founded in the scriptures revealing Christ, the creation, and the history of us all. So Bishop Dukes I hope and pray you will be more mindful of the facts God has made known than the ones you are sensationalizing.


Hiding The Obvious

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In light of the recent events of the election and the revealing of a nation that has in its next generation of leaders an ill nurtured mannerism that has been trained to see themselves as too fragile to handle it. 13 A self-confident and foolish son is the [multiplied] calamity of his father, and the contentions of a wife are like a continual dripping [of water through a chink in the roof]. 14 House and riches are the inheritance from fathers, but a wise, understanding, and prudent wife is from the Lord. Prov 19:13-14 (AMP) There are several things mentioned in these verses, but let’s focus on that self-confident and foolish child, as this is in reference to a child or in this case a son that believes they have no need of any correction or righteous counsel from his parents or anyone.

He like many today is confident in seeing himself comfortable in everything already, and established in the fact that what he has perceived as truth is real even if it’s not And though it makes him foolishly refusing of parental influence he stands. The Hebrew word for foolish here is (kesîl) meaning to be “insolent to religious truths” or what I believe is the word of God. In our living, the life God says we are to live it is not going to be beneficial to our wellbeing if we are going to be ‘stupid” or “dull” to the things that appropriate wise living.

So what does a parent do with such a child? This calamity as it is called here is affecting the life of the father, and will corporately be mimicked by any other siblings of the household if not dealt with correctly. Parents of rebellious or self-induced insulant children often hide the issue from others, and live their life purposely filled with actions that are deceiving of the fact that they have such an offspring, “thus calamity”! As parents attempt to deny or disannul actions or attitudes that manifest from a child’s ill-behavior they advocate an acceptance. And if other siblings are present they will view it as an opportunity to express a similar mannerism. Herein lies an issue that is talked about but not acted upon. It is that too many parents today do not see responsibility as something they are to be accountable for in regards to a child’s natural development.

This issue of being convinced that oneself is too fragile to handle any life situations has occurred due to the influence of progressivism and social discourse of the family structure in destroying any historical family standards. As it becomes more and more irrelevant to who has any rights to the child’s rearing and wellbeing most parents just accept what they are told by society. Some even going to the extent of lying and deceiving themselves regarding the obvious ill-mannered NATURE of the child in order to fit social standards. For a believer to be accepting of such behavior they must resign the fact they themselves are by the Spirit of God offspring of the one who created them. And that this behavior opens up avenues that the enemy will use to bring about not just calamity but the destruction of oneself and the family structure.

There are behavioral disorders affecting many households and creating environments of anxiety that in today’s society are accepted as the norm, yet they are out of character to God’s created purpose. Disorders such as ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, along with ADD attention deficit disorder are symptoms that many believe begin at childhood. And often continue into adulthood causing problems at home, school, work, or in social interactivity. So a question should be asked as to just how does such uncharacteristic behavior becomes a part of a nature that is by the word of God perfectly created? I didn’t say they were created perfectly I said they are perfectly created because whatever God does is good and doesn’t need anything else done.

I won’t go into clinical details on this, but I will make this point concerning a prognosis on an issue that could be relevant to these symptoms. It is that today’s children are being forced into rearing themselves and be in acceptance of ideologies that are purposed to demean the unity between parent and child. Parents are no longer focused on spending quality time with their offspring due to today’s social ethics, as they along with the children are spending too much time on personal social activities focused on the media blitz of the day by phone or web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. With today’s technology having a more profound impact on our daily living not only children but parents to are being left to worldly devices way too often.

One can see that these things do not have an ability to nurture the spirit of an individual, but are solely for attaching the soul by an emotional via. Household environments are under a daily barrage of social influence based on worldly mannerisms that have a great deal of effect on one’s nature. And it does not take much wisdom to know that all of this and the devices used to engage in it have no God nature in them. Therefore there is no ability to engage in any emotional or social manner relevant to one’s Godly development. These devices only entertain the soul and do not nourish the spirit with the one thing God says we need, His word.

So, why should we be expecting a social manner from our children that fields confidence in their strength and endurance when one that yields to frailty and fear appears to be in acceptance within us.