White Privilege or Black Privilege! Why Can’t We Be Color Blind?

Source: What White Privilege Really Means—and How to Work on It

The fact we have in society today a biased attempt to divide us by any means possible lends to every factor whether good or bad being an exercise in futility. We are never going to remove racism or social inequity or economic disparity from our midst it is inherent in our carnal sensual nature to accept disparaging roles humanity develops out of ignorance of the truth. So as long as we keep the truth out of the picture, wars and rumors of wars over racism and inequality continue to be among us.

The article linked above contains various aspects of the newest narrative in this issue ‘White Privilege’ which in reality is a today term developed by elitists and leftists who see such a narrative as useful in this division effort. If it had been in appearance within the confines of that truth we continue to leave out then it would be of an impact we could have justified. However, it is not, instead there is a sense that no racial influence is to occur if all abide by certain character traits non conforming to our division.

Accept it or not humanity was never meant to be against itself, but instead for all who are a part of it regardless of any color or racial diversity. Therefore, since we are not to be against ourselves why are we? The most simple reason would be that some decided they were better than others and determined to set out to establish, by selfishness I might add, definitions as to who ranks where in the context of social acceptance they wrote the rules for.

Throughout the history of humanity, there have been disparaging actions taken by those who see themselves in a higher manner against those who could not or would not stand up for themselves. Resulting in suffering and despair or even death at the hands of these oppressors. This selfish ranking became a plague of justice they believed must occur and developed into a process of control for the benefit of those who desired to be of this higher-mannered thinking.

When we consider that the truth we continually dismiss from all of this says such events will occur within humanity’s history you would think we could take heed to it. Although much of that truth was not written until long after we came to accept the disparaging fate of many who they classed as unwanted within a society of elites positioned with power, it is today available for all to know and understand. And yet, it is not considered of any value in the context of a White Privilege narrative, as a matter of fact, it is seen as a detriment to the content of such whitish brutality.

So to get to the core of this post, the truth I’m talking about here is the Bible the content of the text that affirms the truth written by those who willingly allowed the Spirit of God to direct them. This book contains aspects of humanity that are true but have either been ignored or declared invalid by those having the same elite-mannered thinking.

To define the racial disparity among us we have to accept the fact that none of any color or malignant tone is better than others as all are suspected of their wrongdoing. Whether it be white, black, yellow, or tan everyone of these defined racial attributes has made no difference as to elitism or governance of those they determined not worthy of the same stature. Thus, blaming Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, or Middle Eastern for trying to define one to be better is not true in the history of humanity.

God is color blind and sees no difference between any that come to Him, though He defined separate positions for Israel and those whom He called Gentiles, in the end, Christ’s sacrifice for all brought equality to humanity that we still want to ignore today. The truth that sets us free from such mindedness is still as it was in the beginning whatever God says is, is what needs to happen. I know we have those who don’t believe in the scripture nor of it being a truth warranting acceptance. But aligning to it with the help of the Holy Spirit transforms hostile mannerisms into peaceful statuaries who are color blind.

None of us got here by our own efforts so none could determine where they are to come from nor the color of their skin or the definition of their race. Each is according to his own stature and God has made it possible none will be under a yoke of disparity from the other, but an acceptance of the truth He has made available to humanity will need to be the determining factor for all to be free.

White Privilege as it is called has no power over any who knows the truth only over those who see it as means to elevate themselves above others just as it all began. The carnal sensual nature that came upon humanity at Adam’s fall is still today causing us to be against ourselves defining who is and who is not better.

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