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I just read the above article on how teachers are concerned about the way in which parents are communicating or not with them. While the gist of the article focuses on what the teachers say, the element that is not seen is those statements they say parents make about them or to them.

So, before I get too far into this I need to set a few things straight. I am in education so I do have a sense of what is going on, but I do not teach K-12 rather I am dialed into those who are 18-60 who are trying to make a pathway in life by learning a career. Therefore, my opinions will reflect on the fact that these are just grown individuals who carry with them in life the results of what these teachers have or have not done.

There is little doubt about the war that is going on over the education of children today, and the fact that parents are becoming more engaged in an effort to change what has been happening over the past 50-70 years. The war as I call it is between several factions ranging from school administration to unions, to teachers, to politicians, to parents, to media, and even the students. I’m sure I left out something in that list but never the less none are on the same page in the curriculum of education.

Teachers keep saying they are only trying to better a child’s life by presenting diverse issues for self-equity, but this is a false instructional indulgence as it is more about cultural coordination aligning them to a set pattern of thinking. And it’s a culture that is not American nor is it anything else that patriotically supports a nation of diverse people. This is proven by the fact in recent years textbooks have been written either redacting the truth about this nation’s history or rewriting it to affirm this non-American cultural equity. These teachers adhere to the driven narratives of unions and school administrations that say it is better than the true history written.

No way can anyone say anything in the past was perfect, but we can say, it was what it was and somehow we survived it and are better for it. The demise of our educational systems really took hold in the eighties when evaluations were done, biased ones I might add, that revealed the children of America were getting dumber, not smarter concerning the basic fundamentals of math, English, history, geology, science, and economics home or otherwise. No real guise of determining what was wrong was within this evaluation it was merely to confirm what everyone already knew.

The only thing worse than having an education system that is producing students who can’t read, write, or do math is to have the government take hold of it and apply programs of senseless ideology that only exasperate the problem. Therein lies the root of this issue, but it is so rooted and so grown into a large quagmire of darkness deserting any learning that it is today just a hole filled with leftist ideology, sex, and everything except education.

Back to the article, the one thing I saw in reading through this is that most of these teachers believe they know your child better than you. That says a lot in that one if they do then parents are purposely diverting their child’s well-being to the system, or two the teachers are exerting overreach for controlling the child. In either case, it’s a bad thing. Another situation they mention is that teaching is an underpaid and undermining effort but they love your kids so that’s why they keep doing it.

Now I am not going to say that any of that is not true but when you investigate the reasons why it is seen as such it becomes clear it is not the kids or the parent’s fault, but the unions they support, the school administrators they rave over, and the government they allow to control them. But the sufferers of all of it are the kids who can’t complete a loan agreement without a tutor and the parents who have to live with that until they die.

One more thing to bring up, it is that when teachers support programs that they have been trained to believe are fully capable of increasing a child’s intellectual development, but over several years have proven to be incapable of doing it they have no voice when it comes to parents seeking change. The common core curriculum is inefficient no matter how you look at it and the proof is in the fact K-12 education in America has dropped below what it was 20 years ago. Making higher education unable to add to it, thus, an indoctrination process of socialist humanistic exergies has been instituted in many colleges and universities solely to hide this failure.

If teachers were, and I believe some are, truly caring about your child’s well-being then they would be the most active at getting changes brought about to teach kids what they are in school to learn, but they aren’t. Many say this is the result of the pandemic, but I say it’s the result of politicians and educators who either want to control your child’s life or willingly allow someone or something to control them while they influence it.

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