We will need a coronavirus commission – The Washington Post|Media’s Political Fear-Mongering At Its Best

President Trump listens as Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, speaks during a coronavirus task force held at the White House Friday. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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In a time when you would think the populace of a nation would be more informed and dated about the issues of late especially this latest plague of a virus, it seems we are the most uninformed or I’d say more ill-informed. As more evidence of conspired political activism comes to light as news medias content on spreading hysteria and fear among us is on liberal newspapers and national broadcasts. All of these mainstream organizations are using their influence via media outlets to instill a sense of fear in the public over this one outbreak of a virus that presently has no more impact on the world’s population than any before it. And why are they doing it? Simply to establish a right to control the end game of politics that will be back at the forefront as soon as this plague passes.

While a sense of caution and diligence to protect and detour harm for oneself in time for awareness as outbreaks occur is always a prominent idea the problem is most current narratives concerning any truth about this situation are being overhyped to the degree it’s clear it’s to promote panic and paranoia. I hear daily dribble about how the current administration can’t get control over medical test kits and ensure there are enough beds to handle the sick and so forth and yet the number of cases of infections is still way low. And here we already have by the Washington Post a pretext for impeachment when all is calm. Yes, the numbers will rise as we get closer to the climax of this pandemic but to instill in the public a sense of hysteria in order to covertly lay the foundation for the next political move is malicious intent.

President Trump lately called out an NBC reporter for being overzealous in his attempt to disqualify the administration’s efforts concerning the level of fear in this nation and in an attempt to disallow such verbal intrusions of facts the President called him a terrible reporter. Though Peter Alexander is known for his non-beneficial style of exhortation on an issue his definition of the American public during this pandemic was totally uncalled for. And yet it’s this kind of sensationalistic mannerism that’s become the norm in the realms of media. There’s no longer an honesty or integrity in how anything gets reported it has all become about who has the best gotcha lately which doesn’t do anything for the public but is purposely done to stroke the egos of the media-its.

Fame and fortune are the gain and a dystopian style of truth in this day of dishonesty is done by all who see it necessary for an evil intent to garner strength in the minds of those they have an influence on. The media exists because we allow it to and in the past, we felt it was necessary for our informed state of union and wellbeing. But today those who render a very healthy paycheck from fulfilling a position that in most cases is viral and socially caustic is by a resolute manner an outright abuse of the public’s right to know any true facts. There is a clear intent to devalue our intelligence to the degree it makes us think only they know what’s right. This puts them in an egotistical position to see us as just cattle to be herded along a path that satisfies a liberal political agenda. And by narratives only they can render into the public as the only voices to be heard since any other voices contending it is vehemently shut up.

There are truths being delivered to the public concerning this Covid-19 and the issues needed to be known, but as these are taken by the media and refurbished to support a political rendering doubt and fear remains. The amount of media contribution to lies is overwhelming by the mainstream outlets as each one covertly maintains serial attacks upon our constitutional rights as they tout their right to do what they do. 1st amendment is a constitutional right that all Americans have, but it’s not written into it that there is a right to lie and deceive the citizens of this nation on purpose. This is a real-world form of socialistic regime happening right now to an unfortunate fearfully willing populace by a tyrannical liberal media hell-bent on getting its own way all the time. 

There is good news in all of this in that God who doesn’t settle up every Sunday night does at some point in time call for an account of us and whether we did good or bad none will be able to stand and say they were perfect. The media’s day of judgment is coming and it won’t be a favorable one for any of them who deemed they had the right to devalue the sense of a whole nation solely for the tribute of selfish ratings.



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