Evil Apprentices Are All Around Us!

GUK sex ring allowed to thrive for over a decade because good people did nothing – Glenn Beck

Source: UK sex ring allowed to thrive for over a decade because good people did nothing – Glenn Beck

For those of you who still think that keeping silent about any evil and only speaking out about love, acceptance, and caring in order to maintain the narrative of being part of the solution, not the problem. Here is an example of what comes from silence about evil pretenses going on around us that we won’t mention or speak out about because we don’t want to acknowledge, so people know we know.

As some of my previous blogs have revealed I don’t have any room for tolerating the works of evil in the Church or in the world. And the lack of people’s willingness to exposing these evil mannerisms is overwhelming. Too many times we find out that someone knew something wasn’t right but said nothing out of fear of belittlement or accusations of racism or bigotry. In the end, they should be called something other than having the character to be a right-minded person if they did nothing to defer or make aware something that was evilly working to destroy or torment someone else.

The provocateur of evil is the devil and he doesn’t care who it appears upon, as he is only out to destroy every element of creation that images a God presence. The amount of evil presently working in the world and the church is above the previous levels of atrocities that ever occurred before. This is happening not because he’s getting stronger or is more powerful, it’s happening because the church and society today see personal involvement as an impasse to one’s appearance in humanity. Therefore its easier to do nothing so as to be seen as normal than to do whatever is required to face evil and defeat it. This is exactly what happens when there is an acceptance of such things as political correctness, humanistic ideology, and socialism, as all are being promoted to be more relevant than our actual existence on this planet.

However, the real provocateurs of evil from humanity’s position are those who have taken up a socialist mindset, who by mean spirited narratives intimidate others to not try to reveal any truth about the immorality or lack of ethical protocols. I know your thinking I just called them all evil, not so, but if they reciprocate evil by shunning those who only want to reveal it then they don’t deserve a good report. Just like we’ve allowed those in media for years to get away with reporting on issues in ways that only forward a socialist agenda while disingenuously denying the truth. The cruel accusations they’ve presented about those who cared in the past have only promoted fear in people today and deferred any sensible actions to take place. Based on our past experience of situations like this we can be sure by the time the media gets done with it someone on the evil side of this is going to be a victim which will be to further the socialist diatribe they present on a daily basis.

While Glenn in this article presents the cause as racism the truth is it’s much more evilly purposed than that, as there is an all-out war taking place by liberal activist and socialist indigents to silence and destroy any natural forces at work that would reveal a presence of evil in what they do. The young people who have suffered under this silence cannot disallow any punishment of those who knew of this evil and did nothing whether individually or as part of any official law enforcement. Their voices were silenced in order to keep the truth from appearing only to protect the selfishness of those who deemed their own life to be of greater value.


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