Holocaust denier Arthur Jones has no opponents in GOP primary for Ill. congressional seat – The Washington Post

Arthur Jones is almost certain to win the GOP primary for Illinois’s 3rd congressional District, despite calling the Holocaust a myth.

Source: Holocaust denier Arthur Jones has no opponents in GOP primary for Ill. congressional seat – The Washington Post

This WAPO article appears to be about the issue of no one is running against Mr. Jones from the GOP caucus, however its really more about the fact that he makes his denial of the holocaust, which is well known, to appear he has no qualms about sustaining it during his campaign. An excerpt from this article states ” that he has posted on his campaign website a section he calls Holocaust? An area where he describes the atrocities of it as a “racket” and “the biggest, blackest, lie in history.”

In the political climate of today, we see many improbable comments made by those running for political positions at both our state and federal levels. I can’t imagine a candidate running on a platform of denial regarding the issue of Israel’s suffering during the holocaust. However running to fill a political office while standing on the premise that such an event never happened in the first place, though beyond comprehension, is not beyond political imagination. This isn’t about denial it’s about having dementia of history, and cannot be laid aside as if it doesn’t matter in the scope of what a candidate does once elected to office.

How he or anyone can come to such a conclusion after 70 or so years of historically printed and documented outlines of this wartime atrocity isn’t clear, but what is clear is that we have people who are inherently filled with an ideology that is dangerously flawed and beyond the consciousness of truth. Mr. Jones is a self-proclaimed Nazi who prominently displays his anti-Semitic posture along with his participation in celebrations of Hitler’s birthday and other Nazi racist events. All of which disqualifies him, not only from a political position, but a rational one as well.

The aspect of individuals who proclaim vilification of intolerance for other races being in positions of power or influence in our government goes against moral ethics. And yet we have such individuals already within the political walls of Washington DC. represented by those who racially demean opponents based on religious and conservative values. The question isn’t about will anyone oppose Mr. Jones from the Republican party, but who will oppose the racist ideology of those already in our government?


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