ESPN’s Jemele Hill to MSNBC’s Al Sharpton: Trump Uses ‘Racial Pornography’ to ‘Stoke His Base’ – Breitbart

You can take the girl out of ESPN television, but you can’t take the ESPN television out of the girl.

Source: ESPN’s Jemele Hill to MSNBC’s Al Sharpton: Trump Uses ‘Racial Pornography’ to ‘Stoke His Base’ – Breitbart

The amazing bias and gallantry of those who are the real racist are supposed to make us hate those whom they cast before us on a daily basis as the racial vermin of the day. Jemele Hill’s biased description of President Trump as one who uses what she calls racial pornography would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that her terminology is true. Not in respect to our President, but in respect to those who daily verbalize race as a pinnacle in anything they oppose.

I dare say it seems she just called 63% of the whites in America racist, in proclaiming that Mr. Trump’s base is continually being stoked by him. Another aspect of this is that while race is the proponent the real issue is hate and discontent toward anyone who isn’t about denouncing some so-called white supremacy. Mr. Trump has already delivered on the message of racial indigence a hope for those blacks who are now employed among the working masses. So if race is his dialogue then why do something that puts the black workforce in an all-time low in the ranks of the unemployed.

No matter what the issue of the day is these banters of viral isms are going to denounce any good for the sake of sustaining a platform of recognition via racism. The media contains and confirms such individuals on a scale of 5 to 1, meaning that for every 5 whites there is 1 black that flaunts the same framed narratives. So the real contributors and users of this term of racial pornography aren’t Mr. Trump, but the mainstreamers of media who’s bias and discontent blatantly hold racism over the heads of this nation’s populace.

Have you ever thought about why race is an issue today after so many years spent on the aspect of 100 percent tolerance for all races in this country? The answer isn’t that whites are suddenly racist and supremacy is paramount such as these people would have you believe. Its much more evil than that, the progressive left sees race as a venue to create discord among the populace for the reason of promoting socialist idealism. And political polarization by racial squandering is proving to be a valued asset in turning the hearts and minds of those who never before saw black and white.


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