Here is What 10 Christian Leaders Had to Say on the Issue of Racial Equality – Christian News Headlines

Source: Here is What 10 Christian Leaders Had to Say on the Issue of Racial Equality – Christian News Headlines


For me there is no such thing as racial equality, there is only inequality when those created by God fail to recognize their true value in His perfect plan. The truth is we weren’t created by God to be different in three important aspects of spirit, soul, and body, that make up our unique presence on this planet. All of these are clearly spelled out in scripture each complete with details of what they are and how we are accountable for each part in our maturity. And nowhere is there a line upon line here a little and there a little revelation about how to be a conscious and matured male or female of creation through a process of bringing about equality by racial unity.

The statements made by the ten Christian leaders outlined in this article all have a perspective of what is or is not right about racial equality or inequality. Some see this as heresy in light of scriptural context of God’s image and man’s creation in it. Others are more focused on the aspect of love and the emulation of it having a diverse affect. While God is a Spirit and not a physical body dwelling Deity, accept in respect to Jesus as the Son of God and coming in the form of man as Christ our redeemer. Most of the time His image and love is far from visible through those who claim to be His. The truth is any reconciliation of the races isn’t going to come about until we recognize that race cannot play a part in it.

There is one point that is mentioned, though not in the way I will expound on it here, that is totally relevant to bringing about the unity that God has envisioned among His creation. It is the word of God that we are to teach, preach, and exhort to this world of sin. However if you review the itineraries of many churches today you will find a lacking in structural exposition and sound teaching of the scriptures is taking a back seat to things such as exalted praise and worship. Now if you’ve read any of my past post you would know what I’m about to say about this new age of spectral expressionism. Praise and worship is to be the rendering of one’s soul to the Spirit of God’s presence within, since He says He inhabits the praises of His people, and we cannot truly worship Him without it. But today it is not about any personal manner of praise and worship, its all about a staged presentation that has a quality media dynamic through back-lit spectral lighting that catches the eye of the viewer to hopefully create an emotional bond.

Scripture is filled with statements that are meant to defer any disunity of men and women pertaining to the sexual roles they are created to exhibit. The same is revealed concerning our unique diversity of race, ethnicity, and cultural and social groupings. God didn’t divide us, we did that by our selfish and sinful mannerisms. And the only thing that clearly can lay down a foundation that love can expound upon is His word and the unity that comes from it. This lack of scriptural exhibition is occurring all over the body of Christ, seen in the fact that many churches are now offering group gatherings focused around some socially energized content like yoga, cooking, pet grooming, and nature. What has happened to the Sunday morning bible study classes that were taught by those who had aged in Christ, not necessarily physically but spiritually, or the afternoon group gathering at homes where the activity was placated by comfortable relationships.

The word of God is the one thing that has the power to bring about change, and yet it is the very thing we no longer see as relevant to building a structured foundation of life. The youth of today see no value in a religious experience simply because they see more hype than reality in its presentation. Too many ministers are trying to pander to the emotional delve about this racial instability rather than teach the scriptures that prove it has no relevance other than to admonish the greatness of God’s diverse creation. Jesus was a Jew, but He didn’t go around setting up a social premise focused around that fact. Every race on the planet is the same in God’s sight when viewed in the categories He is focused on being the aforementioned spirit, soul, and body of our present persona. The ignorance that presently exist in the churches concerning what we are as God intends is greatly astounding, and reveals that when we don’t know the value of each of us we tend to dispose of one another without remorse.

The activities of those who purposely want to use race as an platform for so called social injustice activism aren’t focused on creating a peaceful coexistence, instead they raise issues of discontent not for any sake of race but for the sake of selfishness, race is just an excuse. So if we want to quell the storm we need to speak the truth, not about race, but about life as God sees it. That truth only comes from the written word He has given us, and isn’t to be deferred simply because racial tensions are about.

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