I posted this on facebook the other day and thought I would just leave it at that, but I can’t. So I’ll post it here and throw it on Twitterverse as well, and maybe just maybe someone will understand what they are supposed to do

Posted on Facebook Nov. 4th.

Look, while I am not pro-Trump in this election year, I am aware that I need to vote or else we just let Obama continue to keep the keys to the kingdom. My take on all this is when you look at both offerings there is a distinct difference between two not so good choices. On one hand, you have Trump who is who he is, a person just like all the rest of us that have done dumb and stupid stuff in our lives. Is he a bad person? NO, he is a good person who has done some bad things. On the other hand you have Hillary who unfortunately for her has been a promoter and provocateur of not just bad things, but things that are rooted in evil. Now don’t get all lathered up and say I am calling her evil. I am saying she has been a willing proponent of evil works throughout her career in politics that clearly are being revealed as deemed only to benefit those (herself and others) who crave power and riches at the expense of the life of a nation and its people. If those of us in the body of Christ cannot tell the difference between good and evil then we do not deserve God’s blessing of a leader but deserve who we get by our own ignorance and stupidity.

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