Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy | Time

The U.S. must be honest that fears about the “great replacement” are not fringe among many conservatives today

Source: Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy | Time

The content of this article reads like a summary of exergies about evils and wickedness that only occurs by those labeled as White Supremacist, but the real issue here appears to be the fear of what might happen if Christianity maintains a foothold in our society.

The constant fear of what many call cultural replacement is more common today than at any time in our past mostly due to the anarchist rhetoric that is prominent in our culture. While it is true Christians want to preserve the cultural basis of faith it is not true that we are persistently encouraged by the idea of us being a premise of European Christendom.

Recent incidents of violence that go far beyond the common sense of humanity are not easily labeled as an event stoked by racial or ethnic ideology or religious idealism. The fact the left has taken up the narrative of white supremacists is more of an alarm for Christian Nationalists than those who see Christ as Lord and savior.

Though Christians need to be involved in politics as it affirms a Christ-like influence is present, it is not to become the -A- political platform for the dominance of extreme right-wing culture. Given the terms of which the left hold a deligent anti-Christian position leaves little acceptance by those easily persuaded to view it as unconstitutional.

What our government and media call white supremacist violence is more along the lines of extremists who validate their atrocious acts using institutional or cultural rhetoric by those far outside any founded elements of truth. This applies to those on the far right and left as in either case any violence occurring, while narrated as unacceptable, is carefully folded by media and activists alike into the anarchy of only White anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-anyone they appropriate into the binding of it.

A question that should arise from this is why are those on the left so fearful of Christian influence within government, society, and humanity? Past historical episodes of violence by those seen as extremists on the right are in no way outnumbering those on the left. Scriptural truths are founded on what God says He has as the best for His creation and is diligent to see it come to pass.

Holding any part of society guilty for the actions of some who are in mind and heart, driven to fulfill acts of violence not common among its cultural base, is a sign they choose to take no responsibility for those laden with ideas they publish. The media activists of our day are certain that the only ones who can be deemed correct are those who hold others accountable for the violence they support and often initiate by carefully narrated dictates of call to action.

Antifa reveals that leftists support the activity and violence generated by them simply because they do what they want to happen in our country while themselves are not actively involved. Though there are those who call for extreme measures concerning political violence the scales tip more to the left than the right.

The idea that religious freedom is the basis for violence in the nation and labeling those supportive of it as white supremacists is a clear attempt to defer the responsibility of the left so that whatever has by way of evil rhetoric laid a basis for extreme activism.

The Democracy of this nation is founded upon Pro-Christian beliefs, not for the sake of replacement of any race, culture, ethnicity, or language but a replacement of evil by actions that if scripturally sound would be for the good of all.

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