Speaker Pelosi Is Stumped By This CNSNews Intern’s Question on Abortion by Rebecca Downs|She Can’t Answer without Conflict of Soul.

During her weekly press conference on Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked a question about abortion. The speaker got quite testy over the question asked by CNSNews’ intern, Julia

Source: Speaker Pelosi Is Stumped By This CNSNews Intern’s Question on Abortion by Rebecca Downs

[Thank you Madam Speaker. I am with CNSNews. The Supreme Court this fall will review a Mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Is an unborn baby at 15 weeks a human being?]

This question asked of Mrs. Pelosi is paramount to the issues now taking place around the abortion language that’s being narrated by politicians, media, industry, education, and most important the Church. For me, there is no time at which a fetus is to be considered a human as I believe life starts at conception and continues throughout the whole life cycle of that individual person. The only reason the pro-abortionist use this mass of cells thing is some scientist made a comment in an interview and got away with it, since then the left has played this card over and over again.

My focus here though is the Church because within its ranks are millions who have accepted the abortion of unborn fetuses and within them are those who promote the pro-abortion stance. Now I am willing to take into consideration that many of these people may just be ignorant or have been living under a rock their whole life or within the far reaches of my will they just might not know the truth. Not knowing any truth about what God has said concerning His creation of humanity is an unacceptable stance though. The reason I say this is that if you have received Christ as your Lord and savior then just within the confines of that alone you see God wants to save your life and not destroy it.

Let’s look at the natural aspects of this 15-week interval:

Baby development at 15 weeks

Your baby is forming taste buds, and nerves begin connecting them to the brain. By about 20 weeks, your baby’s taste buds will be fully formed. During pregnancy, molecules of what you eat pass through your bloodstream and make it into your amniotic fluid. But your baby doesn’t actually taste what you’re eating. Your baby is looking more like a little person, with eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails, hair, and well-defined fingers and toes. If you could see inside your womb, you’d catch your baby sucking a thumb, yawning, stretching, and making faces! Your baby is about the size of an apple having a LENGTH of about 4inches head to bottom and WEIGHT around 2 ½ounces

baby with legs now longer than arms

So, would you say that this so-called mass of cells that already has certain of your features isn’t human? Amazing how easy it is to be blind to the truth for the sake of convenience, because that’s the whole thing in a nutshell. Women want to be able to be free to live without the responsibility of what they have done, the whole issue around Roe vs. Wade is Norma McCorvey didn’t want to have her baby. Therefore, decreeing abstinence to her responsibility as its mother. OK, I know there are extenuating circumstances that will occur that bring about the conception of another human that may create an issue of acceptance of the unborn child such as rape, incest, and other unwanted sexual assaults along with the health of the mother. And yes these have to be taken into consideration when discussion of abortion is taking place, but they are not the norm in regards to pro-choice proclamations of a right to kill an unborn fetus at any point in its term to birth.

Roe vs. Wade was a decision made based on unverified facts at that time, as the medical technology of the day in 1973 didn’t have the ability to determine every aspect of the fetal growth process. Since then science has proven that at the point of fertilization the sex of that individual is determined, which blows the gender atrocity out the door, but that’s not my focus here. They have also been able to determine that between the 5th and 8th weeks neural tissues are being completed and the nervous system is developed, and the fetus is able to feel pain. Thus, making a point any Christian who would for the sake of just this natural information determine pro-choice is acceptable is completely out of the boundaries of scriptural relevance for what God has said.

Imagine for a moment that Mary Magdalene chose to abort the child in her, Jesus, that would change everything in regards to life and our right to it. Christians who want to be pro-choice are not considering their spiritual well-being as a result of such a stance I would even say they are without knowledge of who or what they are in the sight of God. Therefore, they attend to the issues in the world as one who is of it, this shows us they have no understanding of truth that their own life is proof that whatever comes from conception is a living spirit, soul, and body just as God planned. If they think they are without judgment over this then they should think again as even within the Ten Commandments is a statement concerning though shall not commit murder. And yes it is in reference to pre-meditated murder, but that is what abortion is as anyone supporting the right to kill an innocent child is pre-determining its right to life. Nothing is accidental here.

I have written before about the scriptural truth concerning the spirit of a person which is actually a remnant of God’s, who as most belief is a spirit. If we take that and run with it for a moment the very spirit in a person is the life of that individual as outlined in scripture and thus the very essence of God abiding in them, so if we destroy the body that spirit life inhabits then we are denying God a right of presence He determined would occur. There is much more to this than most know but since ignorance and rock living and unwanted truths are all about a Christian excuse to do what God is never going to accept is all paramount to the answer Mrs. Pelosi will not give. As to do so means she takes responsibility for what she does and in the pro-abortion mind that isn’t going to happen.

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