AOC is Determining Biden’s Refugee Policy and Kayleigh McEnany Isn’t Happy About It|And Neither Should You Be Happy

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Published April 17, 2021

Source: AOC is Determining Biden’s Refugee Policy and Kayleigh McEnany Isn’t Happy About It

There is nothing about this issue of illegal immigrants that will make the average citizen happy. That is unless you are a liberal who prides themselves on supporting such abuse of individuals who have a right to desire to come to this country but must respect the laws that govern the processes of it. I cannot believe everyone is that stupid since the ending result will be a demise of their own rights as a citizen. However, the Democratic hack party is out to flood the nation with people they deem are ignorant invalids who will do as they say when it comes time to render an authority of power to a certain political party.

The radical leftist is entertaining themselves on the clear lacking of sensible leadership from the Biden administration and has taken our rights away for the sake of inserting their radical ideology. This is where we are today, the radical-minded individuals who deem our rights as citizens are not worthy of the time of day, are running the country, and its citizens are supposed to just shut up. I say nay, the average citizen should be shouting on every platform of social interface available to speak out against such idealism. Since it could be that AOC’s next spasm might be one that sets someone’s life up for demise by idiots liberally willing to do it.

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