Archbishops apologize for ‘hurt’ caused by sex and marriage statement | Christian News on Christian Today | The “Fear of Man” takes Apologetics to a new level’

via Archbishops apologise for ‘hurt’ caused by sex and marriage statement | Christian News on Christian Today

When Christians start apologizing for speaking the truth then there is no other place for it to come from. God didn’t have the Holy Spirit through those men of old write scripture so that it could be deemed non-relevant of truth, He intended for it to become the statute of righteousness among His creation. And if the Church in England sees fit to denounce it then where will an edict of right over wrong abide? What we are seeing is leaders who have fully accepted an Apostate status that reeks of a now oriented pandering to sin and debauchery out of fear they are no longer relevant in spiritual epidemy.

If the truth hurts then it is a good thing as it can lead us to change what makes us wrong in light of it. But these Archbishops aren’t interested in upholding the truth they’re just aspiring to maintain recognition of religious elegance by sucking up to the unbelievers of what God has doled out in scripture. From the very first union in which God himself performed the ceremony until today, it’s always been one man and one woman (both biologically sound) recognized by God in a marriage. The fact is the sexually perverted tribes want other manners of a union to be the more accepted ones simply because they are places where their perversion is hidden or now seen as the norm.

Saying I’m sorry for hurting your ill-minded sexual feelings as if what you want even if it’s wrong is more laced in truth, is assinine at best. Sin is still sin and no matter of social placation is going to remove its foundation of evil in the sight of God or in light of verses of truth that reveal its sexual perversity.

Males and females are the only sexes within humanity, anything else is a fantasy of evil perversions made to be seen acceptable among those who refuse to align with the truth. A truth that has facts on its side saying even if you remove the sexes aspects of each or align like for like or render a gender-neutral status you will still have to capture the essence of DNA from each sex to create another person. Though science may be great in its own sight, it cannot remove what God has done, and any leadership who undermines this is fearful of man, not God. Proverbs 8:13 13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.

It doesn’t mean we hate the person but we cannot love sexual perversity’s evil intents. The truth will always find its path to what is the right thing to be done but everyone who fears the voice of man more than God will be asked why did you not speak and uphold the truth, instead you spoke the evil of the day and made it appear more truthful than my words. God loves the sinner but He’s not going to speak in a way that upholds their sexual iniquity, Proverbs 8:7 7 For my mouth shall speak truth; and wickedness is an abomination to my lips. So, for all Church leaders who find comfort in pandering to the ill-mannered desires of those who see sexual unions of homosexuals and binary genders greater than the one, God established in the beginning as a marriage for fear of retribute you are standing between God and the truth of His word.

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