Vermont House passes a staggering abortion bill – here’s what it says – TheBlaze

This is the most expansive abortion bill yet

Source: Vermont House passes a staggering abortion bill – here’s what it says – TheBlaze

From the article – “Every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry a pregnancy to term, give birth to a child, or to have an abortion,” the bill reads. It also says “A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus shall not have independent rights under Vermont law,”- Wow! Not only do we pay Planned Parenthood to murder fetuses with tax money, but we also pay legislators to invoke laws that fundamentally put a choice to murder above any right to life.

If you try and get your mind wrapped around this abortion anomaly it hurts, you just can’t bring together all of the stupidity at play here with any sense of life, understanding how people can be so heartless boggles rational thought.  That is until you see what is the motivating factor. You see pro-abortionist view this whole issue as about a right to kill someone I created by sexual activity with someone I don’t want the result of in my life. There are two aspects here, one I want to abort the pregnancy because I don’t want to or say I can’t take care of my consequences of sex choices, and the other is I want to abort this fetus because the law says I can kill it if I want. 

Written in the annals of history are stories of nations that sacrificed infants and babies to some form of deity or for population control or religious ceremony all for the sake of a right to do it. Some were thrown into fires others appear to have been skinned whether alive or not we don’t know, but evidence also shows many were killed by a blunt blow to the head. No matter the means of sacrifice it’s all the same, killing because I can or have to because of ideology that’s demonic in nature is evil. And it’s here where all this idiotic killing begins to come together, in that while it’s legal or religiously appropriate or just plain ole culturally deemed, it’s all fashioned from evil demonic mannerisms. 

Now, I can get my head wrapped around this pretty quick because it makes sense. The devil has for all of humanity’s presence here been killing us off in whatever manner he can, but it only happens because we allow him to do it. So, it’s no stretch of any imagination to come to the conclusion that either these people are themselves demonic in nature or are so ideologically driven they’ll commit demonic acts. And if driven then they are allowing themselves to be abused and positioned for a judgment from God by the one who defies Him. 

You see no matter what you say is the reason or excuse for it, it still comes back to a murderous activity that would only occur by a devil whose so evil he’s a killer by nature. Now it would be extremely vile of me to refer to people who enjoy life to some degree to be murderously evil at heart. Right? But how can you separate the evil of intentional fetal deaths from the actual deed of ending a life that could have been lived like the one they eagerly benefit from. Why stop at pregnancy? Why not say anyone sick has the right to a choice kill? or maybe, Anyone having a bad day can choose to end a life? What’s the difference?

The difference is they make an unborn fetus not a person or a living thing. This is only seen by those who have folded up sensibility to any conscious truth about humanity and it’s generational existence. I assure you these people have memories of being a child all the way back to an early time when they knew the faces of those around them and lived a playful and hopefully enjoyable beginning. They would never have been able to see the face of those who love or loved them and cared for them if someone made a choice to abort them. The fact they are alive deems them the right to choose to murder another unborn part of humanity in their mind. 

These legislators have made anything that would become a conscious person game for killing and issued a license to do so just like those they regulate for hunting deer, squirrel, or some other animal in Vermont, as a matter of fact, I bet the laws in Vermont protect the animals better. There are more laws affecting the right to where one can pee than there is protecting humanity from itself. It’s time these people were put under the same pretense of legislation that they give a fetus, no independent right, now all we’ll have to do is make a choice as to what they have no right to.  



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