Watch: Student asks Ben Shapiro why a fetus is human life — his answer leaves student speechless – TheBlaze

Source: Watch: Student asks Ben Shapiro why a fetus is human life — his answer leaves student speechless – TheBlaze

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro masterfully handled a student’s claim that a first-trimester fetus isn’t human life during a Q&A session at his highly anticipated speaking event Thursday at the University of California, Berkeley. Chris Enloe – The Blaze

My Response:

The fact that this kind of conversation is taking place is another sign we aren’t all on the same moral page anymore. Mr. Shapiro’s debate with this Berkley university student over why a first-trimester fetus has moral value would fifty years ago been seen as a rhetorical question, but now shows we’re not just off the page, but off of the planet soaring galaxies apart.

The abortion debate in the mind of liberals isn’t wrapped around human life and when it begins, it’s being founded on the choice of what does or does not constitute moral value. Many liberals believe a human fetus has no more moral value than a dog fetus, or a cat or a turtle or a bird or a lizard or…, you get the picture. They sentience whatever they warrant it to be whenever they want it to be by an ideology that’s so flawed they can’t see it makes them of no moral value.

Just like this student says, I believe sentience is what gives something moral value, not necessarily being a human alone. When society looks at every living thing through eyes that see no immorality present in the value of all nor evil in the deeds of any, we’re all deemed nonrelevant to one’s choice. That makes moral value conformed to whatever I want it to be whenever I want it.

So, what are we to do in the latter days of this abortion era? Continue to wait for a judgment that’s surely going to come from a God who judges evil and wickedness continually. Or stand up for the value every human life has and speak out against the senseless ideas of leftists who are themselves a product of moral values that saw them as worth being born.

Though the student agreed there is a place where potential sentience prevails for those who are alive, he sees birth as a burden on the parents, not responsibility from the result of their sexual actions. This stigma of thinking in terms of relevance to one’s free choice of rights is sanctioning a murderous process that today is illegally funded by taxpayers and maintains the economic status of organized inhumane butcher shops.

The term unwanted children should send chills up your spine as it defines the younger humanity’s moral inability to know what is right and wrong about us. They see a day coming for them when it’s merely a decision to abort or not abort, and to live or not live.


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