The religious right isn’t doing much for religion – The Washington Post

Maybe less politics and more religious leadership?

Source: The religious right isn’t doing much for religion – The Washington Post

This recent Washington Post article has some interesting facts aligned in it that pose questions for the body of Christ in America today, but I want to focus on just one thing that is brought out in this article. And that is why is the Church corporate loosing influence among its generations regarding Christmas and its true meaning. In this article the writer notes that while religiosity isn’t faded as much as we might think in America, its affects at this time of year are waning amid holiday cheer and a lack of religious insight. At least 55% still see Christmas as a time for holiday festivities with only 46% of them, according to this article, seeing it as a religious reflection of its true purpose. Breaking that down it means that only about 24% maintain some manner of religious unity to it.

The why of this issue isn’t really the true question needing to be answered, it is the what that is more reflective of our present day demise of a righteous characterization of the season. While America still remains the most actively festive nation at Christmas time there are several things that have ill affect on keeping pace with its true meaning. We have in all aspects of our culture brought commercialization into it by using marketing techniques seen in television commercials and e-commerce, where an illustration of one giving to another is now folded into compulsive adds that seemingly void responsibility of any past traditions. And such things as not saying Merry Christmas, isn’t usually seen as detrimental to faith and an upholding of religious values, and yet it is at the core of much of the left’s latest trending to remove it from this time of year. President Trump recently emphasized its OK for us to say Merry Christmas, and was taunted by the leftist media for it. Isn’t Christmas supposed to be the time of year where we are to be the most merry? That is a misnomer in respect to why we celebrate Christmas, since in many households the anxiety and anxiousness is not about Christ, but about getting something we’ve wanted and waited for all year. So, in my little mind this can’t be solely about cultural traditions that have been waning away so to say, but more about what the leadership of the churches, are or not, doing to enforce foundation facts that the whole of the premise of Christmas stands upon.

This WAPO article is actually about secularism and a lack of religious principles and how it has promoted immorality among a certain faith sect of the Church – “evangelicals” – more specifically those white ones who supported and voted for Mr. Trump. And not surprisingly they have been determined to be what lies at the core in contributing to this lack of religious principle being exonerated in America. There is a dislike in many churches today for anyone who seemingly commits the sin of being an evangelical, as they are now to be viewed as unworthy of any religious status even though the foundation principles Christianity is based upon are still applied. The fact that denominations don’t like each other bold very well here, as for years the evangelicals have been seen as the vermin among the Church in those self avowed religious circles. This growing dislike for evangelicals is being propagated today as a coveted love for political power factored into a narrative that says they are responsible for the alienation of many religious American voters. Primarily because they support President Trump. The truth is distention over politics and religion that we see today among the populace didn’t start with the latest election it had already been put in place years ago, and by a viral demonizing of this nation during the eight years prior brought it out in true form during the 2016 campaign.

So, if anyone in the body of Christ wants to find political fault with another individual or sect or religious organization then they too must consider their own political position and how it affects their religious status. No one is without faults, thus the reason for the season in that Christ came for all who have sinned, not just for those who see the sin in others according to their political view. The blame being vaulted at evangelicals must be shared by all of the church in America as each has done their fare share of acceptance of immorality for political power and influence. Thus the answer to my original question of why the Church corporate is loosing its influence upon Christmas, can be seen in the vitriol abstinence of its true meaning by those who are a part of it wishing to create a demise of others for some self-righteous political exoneration.

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