The more I look at today’s frenzy of media hype from the left the more I see socialism and its burdening untruths being poured out on the American masses. This is not a mere mistake that just happens on accident due to the verbiage flirting around, it is deliberate and intended to purposely impact the lives of the citizens of this nation. As I see it, these figures of elite-ism appear to have the minds and hearts of vast number of the populace and control them by narratives that are designed to pull the peoples strings, so to say.

The believers of these divisive indigents are like marionettes being manipulated by the strings of a master puppeteer making every move and display of emotional drudge a drama to be played out as the script is dictated on a daily basis. The irony in this is that these people have become so immune to this daily abusing of their lives, and being controlled by these verbal thugs that they can’t see what is really going on. Whether you agree or not, there are individuals in this nation that are busily working to see its demise as soon as possible simply to satisfy their own hate and discontent for this nation. We can see this in the hateful rhetoric and demeaning mannerisms being presented from many of the left in the media concerning the issues that they make relevant for these marionettes daily scripting.

Now don’t get all hung up on the medias perspective here there are other sources that help write this daily social-log. Many of our so called institutions of higher learning also provide, by deceitful plots of anti-america dribble, choreography for the life drama these younger masses play out. As they pass through the halls of these colleges and universities that once were renowned learning centers, but today are just socialist platforms for indoctrination of more drama players trained to view everything from a socially biased position. All being trained in ignorance to true civil structures in order for them to see socialism as the next evolution for this nation.

What I wonder is how do these young people live their lives based upon daily dribbles of hate and discontent from those whom they believe to be providers of truth and fact. It must be excruciatingly painful to be so filled with anger and strife that they are without character to have a simple one on one conversation with anyone of another opinion. The hate they are trained to discriminate toward 63% of a nation on the alternate page has to amaze you. It boggles the mind to think that people young or old would willingly allow their lives to be so manipulated and deceived on a daily bases that you have to think this is the way they want it to be.

If you doubt what I’m saying, then I say watch and see how many of them react to the daily media hype. When the media says anything about white people they respond with white supremacy, when the media says something about race they respond with racist and bigots, when the media says anything about black’s they immediately respond with  discrimination, and so on. All this proves is that they are willing marionettes who will perform to the socialist media hype and educational directives they have so eagerly accepted. The strings are being pulled and the dance continues to be played out for the civil drama the leftist media has committed them to live by while those with some sensibilities about life move on.

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