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India’s Supreme Court has given a 13-year-old girl permission to abort her 32-week-old baby, overriding the country’s already-cruel 20-week legal abortion limit.According to LifeNew

Source: Court Grants 13-Year-Old Permission To Abort Her 32-Week-Old Baby | Activist Mommy

I usually don’t take up this subject for discussion mainly because I’m a male and don’t see things in the light of how women view their self worth. But this is as good a time as any to put my 1 1/2 cents in on the topic of abortion, though it won’t be centered around any scriptural perspectives.

Of all the things that matter to life as we know it is pretty important, and I believe most of us even view it as precious in the sense of our acceptance of a unique presence that each of us brings to it. I mean think about it, if two of your most closest friends suddenly disappeared there would be this void in your life that before was always filled by their individual presence. That void exist simply because they had a purpose in your life, and now that their gone no one else can fill it. Why? Because no one else is them or should I say no one else is of the same character or personality, which means each of us is totally unique in the aspect of who we are as individual living beings.

The article says that this thirteen year old India girl is being allowed by the courts to have an abortion of a fetus that has gone 32 weeks of gestation, which is only 4 weeks shy of full term as is typically stated by medical practitioners. This situation could have a unique twist about it in that if some how this unborn fetus were to escape from her womb he/she would be just as unique as you, me, this girl, and all these judges. And I’m sure once he/she has a presence of character and that cute personality that all newborns have they would quickly win over the hearts of many. However he/she is not going to be allowed that opportunity simply because they are seen as something that exist because of an evil act. Now I see rape and incest as a despicable activity just as many of you do, but this unborn child is innocent of the results of someone’s sexual abuse of this young girl, which is a paramount problem within the culture of India. Since we see the daily India news reports of how women are objects to be abused by the male populace, and everything here appears it is being viewed along that same premise.

The thing I want to point out is the one thing that is always lost in this abortion issue, it is that if we would just stop for a moment and ponder over our own lives and then ask ourselves how would I have made a presence here if I never existed. This exemplifies the fact that many no longer see life as a valued asset among the general populace of this earth. I can prove what I’m saying by using this analogy; if you love flowers there is only one way to get them, you have to grow them from seeds. Meaning you prep the soil place the seed in it and then nurture it’s gestation along with water and sunlight to bring about what those seeds will eventually produce. It takes a little time before they start to have their expected presence, but once they start growing you anxiously await for the end result. And all along do everything to see to it that it happens. Why? Because you see it as a living object that eventually will become the flowers you’ve been expecting. So why do you not see a growing human fetus also as a living object that will eventually become a presence expected of them?

These judges, and I must say us too, are the privileged as we are among the living and have no need to worry about whether or not someone would abort our opportunity to live. Abortion does that to a world of living beings, it takes us to the point of no longer seeing the expected value in the terms of life of the unborn. And makes us only able to see the value in our own selfish causes, because hey were already alive.


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