Mediocrity – A new Faith Abounding in Today’s Dynamic Churches – In this age of the Church, God has chosen to express the revelation truths of His word and the accountability of knowing that reality has not been removed. He has declared that we learn from it His knowledge that is not of an earthly nature but knowledge that is to reveal His Divine nature. So, having inherent power crafted into it transforms the nature of all His children to be by the Holy Spirit as He is. This is a transformation based on faith that comes by His word; thus, there must be a nurturing of spirit and soul in every son or daughter of God occurring by spiritual knowledge of truth to create in all a solid foundation of unwaning faith, and not as it is today where churches are filled with believers having mediocre faith. It’s past time for the Church to arise as the dominant force of light in a world that’s getting darker.

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A Christian’s Guide to Relationships of the Natural and Supernatural Kind –In the life a Christian lives today are numerous relationships some close and other’s more distant. Many books exist about relationships, and each has information or details that reveal the good, bad, and ugly in them. I am no expert on unions both natural and supernatural, but after 52 years of marital union and 42 of those years in Christ, I have found that the Holy Spirit is and that He is willing to reveal every truth the word of God contains about a believer’s presence in them and their eternal purpose.

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Basically Evil – This book brings to light many of the current issues about evils plaguing our society, as it is no longer an issue of whether or not any evil activities are taking place but about who is actually doing them. The political foundations of America have been overthrown by activists and pundits to the degree the citizens of this country no longer elect valued politicians but the lesser of two evils. Churches no longer engage in the teaching of spiritual warfare against evil events that occur but in plagiarism and ego-driven dynamics leaving the realm of darkness to free roam within them and amidst the populace at large. While the devil is evil by nature, humanity is catching up in its efforts of wickedness and evil by choices seen in our day-to-day lives.


What From Hell Is Going On In The Church” – Focuses on the current manners of ministry and how our enemy the devil is today being welcomed not only to a front-row seat but to the pulpit of many churches where he now renders the truth of the word to no longer be needed. The fact that the devil’s fingerprints can be seen all over most of the Church’s struggles of the past and present will not in any way defer the final actions of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Gods Power Revealed

God’s Power Revealed – This book is an excellent teaching guide on revealing how God’s power is inherent within the authority of His word. And how He has crafted into it all supernatural activity that is to be revealed on earth to bring a spiritual transformation to those who are minded to seek the truth contained within it.

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Religion In A Handbasket – Deals with Israel, the Church, and the Pulpit. And shows how Christianity today is far removed from its true roots of Judaism and is still attached to those of paganism heavily rooted in philosophies that have formed various theologies resulting in the Church maintaining its spiritual position against Israel and the kingdom of God. Also revealed is a historical account of the Church’s past that has positioned her to be the greatest persecutor of God’s chosen nation.


Is Marriage An Extinct Union? or Eternal Instincts! – This book was first released in 2016 and deals with many of the issues that are present in marriages today and has been recently revised because now more than ever it is necessary to reveal that instead of marriage becoming an extinct union as is being orchestrated by the social media and feminist op-eds of today, it is by God’s plan being fulfilled through eternal instincts built into every male and female from the beginning of creation.

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The Three P’s of Marriage – This book deals with the issues of marriage that are found to be classified in one of three categories either Proprietary, Personal, or Priority. When we look at marriage unions using these 3 definitions we see how many of the enemy’s activities can affect its core foundation. Many of the subjects discussed here are not found to be any daily scriptural exercises coming from pulpits today, as the latest trend on marriage is to allow the socialists to define it and then adopt scriptural errors to support them.


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