The Real Terrorists? |How Parents Are Now The Enemy Of The State

It’s amazing how far we as a nation have come down a long and dirty road labeled civil rights and the amount of changes regarding one’s constitutional rights as a citizen that has occurred in the last seventy-five or so years. The family has always been seen as the backbone of a nation as it sets the basis for nurturing both the parents and the children as they grow together through every situation, but today it is under attack from a place one would never have thought of, its own government.

Over the past years we have had feminist, pro-abortionist, educational institutions, and various activist groups who all see the family structure as non-relevant to society decimate the male persona to the degree a man isn’t a man anymore, and with gender-ism no longer a male either. I guess the question should be asked as to why is the male the point of issue here since women can be far more egregious in a relationship. But be it as it may, the new issue is the government turning on its own citizens to the tune of political prowess by classifying parents who disagree with the liberal mandates a school board puts in action affecting their children.

First off anyone with only half a brain would know if you read it, that CRT dribble its nothing more than a racist tactic by socialist to ingrain even more hate and distrust among the populace by doing it to the youngest in the mix. They know the older generations are not open to accept something they don’t believe is completely true so the next best option is start where there is no sense of racial contrast, our young children. And do it through the nations educational foundations which are accepted by parents even though no longer expected to educate, but indoctrinate. The fact we are here discussing this issue should tell us that if we had been more diligent to what the left has been up to over the last 110 years you would not be reading this.

However, back to the issue at hand, how have parents become an enemy of the state. One only needs to consider what has been the standard of parental authority over the past let’s say fifty years, remember when Dr. Freud spelled out the trauma of children who are disciplined by spanking and how it shocked the world, hardly any parental resistance occurred. And in the 60’s parents allowed activist groups to remove prayer in schools and then the pledge of allegiance and then take the bible out of every classroom even if for educational purposes. I can go on and on with things parents have allowed to occur in schools, clubs, youth groups, and social media, etc.,etc. But is all this the preamble to what has recently happened?

The real reason parents are targets of our nation’s supposed elite security force, the FBI, is that it has nothing to do with them parenting, but with a resistance to the authority these school boards have had for years controlling the lives of their children. This is considered an outrage in the face of the tyranny these indigent liberals have been allowed to placate upon school children at will. I mean how dare these parents take up a vigilance against us, the ones who have fundamentally and single handily, I might add, instilled the hate and distrust for this nation within these young mush brains.

I think it’s telling of the arrogance these leftist have toward anyone who thinks differently on how they destroy the very future of this nation, even if it means the destruction of their own youth. Think about this, the only reason the left has infiltrated so many areas of our society with an ideology that defies a human right to choice, not a woman’s right to choice of killing another human, but your and mine and our children’s right to live as we choose. Is because those who once stood against such ideology no longer do. The whole concept behind socialism is ways to bring about submission of the masses, and doing it by any means necessary.

In the past we stood up to these ideologues because we saw how disruptive and wrong such thinking can be for our families and the nation based on the biblical truths we held dear. However, this is no longer the norm today, now it is the exception and one far from a consciousness of truth. While blame has many avenues in this only one leads back to why make today’s parents terrorist, and that is simply there can be no tolerance for any resistance to an authority given to them by these same parents. As the way liberals see it, it is a treasonous act against the very power they authorized.

Thus, if we consider this activity unwarranted then what do parents do? The most urgent to mind is not back down but increase your numbers even more by engaging in neighborhood meetings and town hall settings where prayerfully you can talk to other parents and help them see what is going on. And I know it will draw attention as the ranks swell but power in numbers has always been an effective way of changing things. Above all pray for God’s divine intervention and trust once again in the truth of the words you know. As already seen, when parents take these people out of power they take back a right to decide in the future of not only their own children but others.

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