Drag Queen Story Time specifically for children under 5 championed by London borough — and observers are horrified – TheBlaze|I say not horrified enough!

via Drag Queen Story Time specifically for children under 5 championed by London borough — and observers are horrified – TheBlaze

How many times does this issue need to come up about children being exposed to these gender illiterates by parents and society? How many of our children need to become something they weren’t born to be? How many of our children are already on the fence as to what they are as gender? And finally; How many abused children will it take to bring humanity to recognize this abuse inflicted by those who choose to defy the very DNA within us is solely to get recognition?

Look, I’m fully conscious of the fact there are people among us who’s understanding of what or even who they are is confounded in their own thinking, but when you expound upon it in these venues there will be no true recognition of what causes such diverse evil to be present. The fact parents are willing to hand the very soul of their children over to people who are intent on placating their inability to be normal, if there is such a thing, is beyond parental comprehension.

I see this as a step in the process the devil uses in nullifying societies ability to have any sense of what’s right or wrong, good or evil, seen in this and in the aspects of abortion and also in the realm of homosexuality where in every case it’s about human life and the inability to see it’s Godly value. Since we’ve continued to allow these trends to be at the pace they currently are running there is among us a large portion of humanity that sees the other as not relevant to any life they see as acceptable. This means the earth is today and will become more divided into sanctions of individuals who are socially conformed to whatever they see themselves as to whether it be created by God or deformed by the devil. 

There is no right stature that comes from such defamed mannerisms each and every one of them supports a devalued state regarding humanity and in order to sustain their evil prominence they will defy God and every manner of righteousness He represents. This is not a situation where we turn it all around by getting back to the real value all humanity has in the sight of God. It’s a situation that requires a change in nature within those who are held captive by an evil devil who cares not about any of us but uses confounded thinking to destroy God’s most important creation.

How does nature change in a person occur? It requires the supernatural working by the Spirit of God that only comes through faith in Jesus Christ. This means we the Church are to be who we are as Christ has deemed us to be so that signs, wonders, and miracles that are to be here are present to bring a heart to see the truth. The more we set back and say nothing or do nothing the more those who have no consciousness of good or evil will be garnered by the enemy as ground taken for his strongholds of evil and wickedness.

Christians who haven’t the faith to fight should be horrified at the prospect of a society that has, on one hand, those who see no value in human life but value only who or what they’ve chosen to be, and on the other hand, those who still garner a sense of right and wrong but out of fear of the others do nothing.  

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