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via Newcastle arena cancels Franklin Graham’s UK tour event | Christian News on Christian Today

While most of the Church is busy with its own bustling attempts of ministry each week it also must pay attention to what’s going on around it affecting the freedom it holds deer. If the organized unions of LGBTQ’s and social activists for inclusiveness have the say all the time then the gospel of Jesus Christ will be limited to pockets of intrinsic believers who see religious freedom as a privilege, and no longer a right.

Though it’s true the Church of England and the UK appear to be headed off into a moral quagmire of delusion over the truth from the scriptures, its also been a proponent of much of this emotional abstinence of a gospel that they used to believe presented love and salvation for all.

I’ve made this known before, the LGBTQ community didn’t come out to just live and let live among society. It came out with a vengeance to become the most effective sexual force in today’s humanity. And it’s doing it by gaining sympathized hearts and minds that ignorantly agree with a way of life that’s ill-minded of truth. Though homosexuality defies any moral sense concerning the future of humanity it’s sold as an elitist sexual norm by influential people in Hollywood and media and government all holding to its sinful characterization of the sexes.

An evangelical event of Franklin Graham’s cancelled simply because they don’t want the truth to be heard only indemnifies the stature of boldness they have gained over the last years. It also resonates with a growing trend among those who favour homosexuality in America who see the hypocrisy of we just want to be accepted and yet we defy your right to freedoms you used to have.

We can’t thank the media enough for their part in this, as they have declared war against conservatism and any right-leaning mindedness seen as conflicting to their socialist agenda. They employ intolerance, phobias, racism, and other states of demented thinking toward them. Why anyone would want to degrade humanity in such a way is beyond sensible thinking but they have discovered they can inflict evil and wickedness on a whole populace simply by enticing those who have no sense of right or wrong to support it as a new era of social tolerance.

Declaring the gospel of Christ to be controversial and repulsive of the views about LGBT people they hold dear in Newcastle should tell you all you need to know about where they are as a community. So, how do people get to the point where they are accepting of something they don’t do because they don’t see it as for them, and yet hold Barr for those who do? It happens by a constant narration of ill-mannered facts and deception designed to deform any thinking of evil into that of good. Thus, whatever freedoms existed before will no doubt be removed to make way for the ones only they deem worthy.


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