United Methodist Church is expected to split over gay marriage, fracturing the nation’s third-largest denomination| Drawing The Line.| Spirit of Division Is In Control of The Church?

via United Methodist Church is expected to split over gay marriage, fracturing the nation’s third-largest denomination

Today body and soul aspects of life are the norms, as a truly spiritual sense that’s to be at pulpits become more absent. So when it comes to having a spiritual perspective of our existence it is hard to see through the fog of today’s political correctness, social media and the secular humanistic ways of the world. These things that have no real life of God in them, and yet they are purposely being promoted to nurture our creatively complex life of spirit, soul, and body, in a way that it divides us corporately.

We are created in a way that promotes a desire for compatibility. This alone presents to us the basic elements needed in God’s process for an abundant life whether individually and/or corporately is already creatively crafted into both males and females. The Spirit of God knows perfectly well what has to be done in order for us to fulfill our part in an eternal purpose. But there is a problem, though He has a presence with us that He is not going to abandon we don’t see him purposely working in us toward that goal. Why?  Because we’ve been told we are here to fulfill exactly what philosophical Church leaders perceived in a metaphorical distinction of scripture is control of our righteous lives.

How long will we who are made righteous in Christ accept this philosophical control that continues to erringly judge the works of evil? That’s a good question since the Church is here to rightly discern blessing regarding the poor and fatherless, and do things in a justified manner for those who are afflicted and in need. It’s also here to assist the Spirit of God in rescuing them from the hand of the wicked one by reconciliation through Christ while exercising dominion over any evil works. Added to that is the fact we are here to have knowledge and understanding of truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit so that we no longer walk in darkness.

In the beginning, all knowledge and understanding revealed to Adam and Eve was for God’s purpose of maturity as His spiritual offspring. With the truth now nestled in the consciousness of their spirit and soul, and having been perfectly created to bring into the earth more males and females as a spiritual family fully related to God. Every interaction in their relationship while replenishing the earth pro-creatively was for God’s purposed outcome of receiving unto Himself all individuals as His sons and daughters who reveal His character, His nature, and essence in this earth. However, Adam’s fall brought a change to this plan, in that they became no longer capable of being a living spirit, and were cut off from the righteousness of a life with God their creator.

As a result, they were now only carnally minded, and desire to fulfill such things as the lust of the flesh, by life under influences of their enemy in a cursed and soon corrupted world. They retained their perfectly created manner of spirit, soul, and body, and fully capable of fulfilling the procreation process, but spiritually they were dead. Neither Adam or Eve or anyone naturally born after them would be a living spirit and capable of fulfilling their eternal purpose. This describes the status of all males and females that were born in the earth until the coming of the Son of God, Jesus Christ the Anointed. His birth, life, death, and resurrection, revealed into this earth God‘s love for us, and by the word and the Holy Spirit, He has made known to us our eternal purpose.

Those who have received Jesus as Lord and savior have been redeemed from the curse of sin and death. And are now under God’s grace, justified, made holy and righteous, and currently being sanctified, all by His shed blood. Every work required to bring us back to God as His spiritual offspring has been done through His Son Jesus, and it was finished at the cross that He hung and died on. God has declared that whosoever receives Christ has been placed back into His family, and are to now be as His spiritual sons and daughters, those who are joint-heirs with Jesus Christ His firstborn Son. 

All the things that are written here are from the word and are to set a foundation of knowledge, that anyone as a believer in Christ has been spiritually repositioned by God regarding Him, Christ, the Holy Spirit, this world, and everyone in it. As I said we now represent the family of God in this earth and need to learn truth to have spiritual sense applied to our thinking, so that we can walk rightly in it as we live by faith in Jesus Christ. 2 Cor 5:7 (AMP) For we walk by faith [we regulate our lives and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting man’s relationship to God and divine things, with trust and holy fervor; thus we walk] not by sight or appearance. This knowledge is to be present and actively working in our minds and hearts all the time.

Among the churches today the topic of sex or sexual behavioral issues is now seen as something that should be incompassing of every reviled manner of sex and no longer only seen as discussed in a counseling atmosphere. While this is an acceptable format for individuals promoting their sexual preference, the general aspects of this topic need to be disseminated at the pulpits to ensure that truth is being revealed from the word as God perceived its purpose in the blessing. However today a Sunday morning dissertation on sexual behavior is something not typically in the pipeline of hermeneutic sermons arranged for congregations, thus we have another one of those taboo subjects of the Church.

The term “sexual behavior” simply means everything we by our nature do as living beings created with sexual differences, or one could say the way in which we perform our male and female roles. In a more narrow term, the definition of sexual behavior is usually related to the purpose of reproduction as we saw in Genesis about procreation. In scripture, there are two distinct sexual roles revealed that are given male and female labels and nowhere does it differentiate from the foundations laid of these two sexes. God didn’t start with a homosexual foundation in humanity He didn’t create Steve out of a rib He took from Adam. He Created humanity having two defined sexes roles of male and female and not one of male and male or female and female.

This outbreak of homosexual definition isn’t as were being told by media and activist organizations it’s a purposed premise of power that’s given by devaluing the roles of males and females in order to elevate sex in its perverted manner. And any church denomination or ministry or organization that infers homosexuality is an equally accountable foundation for humanity is maligned with ignorance of the truth.  Thus, all of this has set a clear path for divisions among the sects in Christianity and is something the enemy has been working at for centuries. It isn’t enough we have divisions created by our ignorance of the truth, but to allow evil promiscuity to invade pulpits and deem a right to some magisterial exaltation is in a fact blasphemes, not only to God but to an act of sacrifice Christ made for their salvation.

Though I bring this divisional control to light I’m not doing so for scare tactics, but for you having knowledge and understanding that if churches allow evil to operate in and around them then they eventually become a part of it.

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