Actress Rose McGowan Apologizes to Iran for Soleimani Airstrike: I Don’t Side with Morally Corrupt USA |She’s Hiding The Obvious?

via Actress Rose McGowan Apologizes to Iran for Soleimani Airstrike: I Don’t Side with Morally Corrupt USABe advised  Be advised this link has vulgar and demeaning vocabulary in it.

I have no interest in what Rose McGowan does or says, but I am interested in why she would say what she said. She has clearly deducted in her own mindset that America is morally corrupt, an interesting issue given that her roles in Hollywood’s cinematic on the screen parts are about as immoral as you can get. But it’s Holly-wood where anything goes and everything is alright all the time. My point and ill make it quick, is that those who live healthily as a result of the immoral and sinful deeds they portray on-screen are the worst of the ones who see anything not aligned to it as immoral and corrupt.

Today younger generations are obsessed over devices that are only tech-wise but without a soul, this captures their emotions and anxieties, as they become paired to an inability to associate with any sense of right or wrong, good or evil. One thing about social platforms is anything posted there never goes away, it never leaves the social verse, and anyone can find it and use it for good or evil purposes. Social media has been made to be the holy grail of this new digitized age, but it can never fulfill a personal connection that only occurs via a real soul to soul-nurturing balancing out a society’s morals and integrity.

These smart devices are also harbingers of wicked activity as new trends of social ridicule, and ill and demeaning activity filled with distant foul reports, sexting, and viral metaphors occur. Hence we get statements such as we see here. Today many hide behind emojis to defer the reality of who they are and believe they can act out without accountability. It’s a digital interface making us think we’re invulnerable. This is false security as it actually makes us more vulnerable to the devil’s works. As we now live in a world where things such as truth, morality or integrity are rare acts in the current social hemisphere. And a fact that many are filled with hate and dissent reveals a desire is present more for our demise than any unity for life and equity.

An era of evils now resides within this social enigma, as viral climates make people way too willing to play out the daily dramas resulting in an emotional rage that denounces any and all truth that seeds sensibilities. One of the biggest contributors to such an evil environment is the TV and the Hollywood cinema where they by movies and television programs exploit public interest via left-leaning bias illustrated by lifestyles garnering fame and fortune.

Many of these NY and CA elitists are just insecure and self-proclaimed people who in fact are really just a small part of a populace of humanity’s immorality portraying their life as if it is the most perfect characterization of one. The pitfalls of the entertainment media are such that what many do is to appeal to the societal masses so they by an ill-mannered promotion of sins and evils that much of the time is in the form of soft porn degrade life in order to express their ideological exploits. Meaning that in this age of digital media having control of the masses of a nation by influence upon its emotional foundation is a must because it disenfranchises many from any equity of life.

In such an environment any attempt to form social normality will be deemed as immoral and bars ridicule of anyone who’s morally right to justify and exalt the evil within. These dangerous evil ideologies applied to issues without any sensible moral thought creates an expose of subject matter for areas of relativism, genderism, and politicism. All viable platforms for sowing discord and delusion to cover up the evil intentions being placated by those who platform within them. This isn’t some mistake it’s purposely done so that any/all sensibility capable of discerning the true facts are purposely exempted.

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