Los Angeles Times editorial board releases massive editorial series on ‘Beating Trump’; says ‘undoing the great mistake of 2016’ is all that matters – TheBlaze

via Los Angeles Times editorial board releases massive editorial series on ‘Beating Trump’; says ‘undoing the great mistake of 2016’ is all that matters – TheBlaze

I would never expect the LA Times to uphold the workings of God based on their viral attempts to destroy what He has put in place: While it may be that Mr. Trump isn’t liked by all the nation he is the leader of it and is in the office, not due solely to the votes of the electoral college, but by the people of this nation and most importantly a God who’s fed up with humanity’s hateful sinfulness. The article states it’s not about electing someone who’s the right person to be the President of the United States it’s about taking out Mr. Trump no matter how bad the Democrat is.

[In the editorial, titled, “Sorry, electability matters,” the author argues that “the single most important issue in 2020 is ending the misrule of Donald Trump,” apparently at any costs and no matter what a rival Democrat might do or believe.] Source The Blaze

There’s only one reason Donald Trump won the Republican primary and eventually the occupancy of the Whitehouse and it’s founded upon a God spoken promise made in a prophecy a few years before. I’m not going to get into details of what was spoken in it, but if you want to know what was said then you as a Christian should be attentive to those who harbor a prophetic gift, as God is still speaking to His people. Instead, I want to make a point concerning the Church and those who have the same objective as the LA Times who are without any sensible ability to discern the reality of life and the God who gave it.

The fact that every effort so far to remove Donald Trump from office has failed is itself a testimony to the words God spoke in that prophecy and should be a witness to all as it is an evil attempt to remove from our nation the one person who is by character able to withstand the onslaught of hate and disdained mannerisms of the leftist media and the Democrats. The issue of corruption and vile hypocrisy that’s taken over in Washington DC. that appears as cancer running through most of the representatives we have sent there is being dealt with by God through Mr. Trump’s Presidental position.

If you have any natural sense about you, you would figure out that no politician or even a prominent church figure would be able to stand the constant nasty and evil verbal lies that have been told regarding Mr. Trump as a person and as the President. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been guilty of any past or present ill-mannered activity but so have the church leaders, media, politicians, liberals, conservatives, and every single one of us. Romans 3:23 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Those church leaders who are constantly blaming the Evangelicals for putting him in the office are focused on the fact he has sinned and therefore doesn’t deserve to be there, and the Democrats who are still blaming some fake dossier generated by the Clinton org. are filled with hate over the fact they lost an election they had perfectly rigged. God isn’t into perfection as we see it, He makes His will known in the earth by those who seem to be the least of anyone we would choose. it’s not about who’s the most perfect person by a character we deem right but about a character He deems to be obedient to His will.

Those who’ve garnered hate for the people who put Mr. Trump in office due to the political assassination of his character by the media, are filled with derision of socialism and an immoral cause. They see the destruction of this nation as a justified option in order to default anyone into its power held leadership solely to remove the one person that has done more for it than the four presidents who proceeded him. As I stated God didn’t pick Mr. Trump because he was perfect in character but because his character was perfect to fight the corrupt establishment around him.

If you think for a moment that the next Democrat in the Whitehouse is going to exalt this nation above his or her own selfishness of ideals then you are senselessly incorrect. And it may be that the Republican structure is also filled with its own corrupt individuals but for the moment it has sense enough not to procreate policies filled with doom and gloom. I say electability does matter but it’s only for the one God chooses to fulfill His plans.



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